Saturday, December 31, 2011

A year in review

How has a year already gone by? It seems it just flew by.

This year had it's many ups and downs, as most years do. You have to take the good with the bad. January started off with Brandon being promoted back to GM!!
I also turned 26
We also made it to KC's for Bradon's grandma's 80th birthday bash

February Miles celebrated his 1st birthday and Lacey officially became a "Kidwell"

March we celebrated my Grandpa's last birthday and my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.

April Brandon celebrated his 34th birthday (This year his birthday is on Easter!!)

May was spent enjoying the outdoors

June was spent by the pool!!

July I ran my 1st 5k
Lacey turned 4
We took a vacation to St. Louis that was so much fun!!
And my nephew was born

August Lacey started preschool

September was a blur but we managed and even made it to Maryland!!

October Brandon's sister got married in Maryland
While in Maryland we made it a family vacation

November I ran my 1st Half marathon
My grandpa passed away
We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family

December was spent getting ready for Christmas
I ran my 2nd 5k and now here we are at the very last day....Good-bye 2011 you were truly an amazing year full of many blessings!!

Hello 2012 may you be just as good to us as 2011 was. May all of my friends have a safe and happy 2012!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Years Resolution and 5k

I'll first start with the Holiday Hustle 5k. The Holiday Hustle is here in town and is a race to support a local track club that is being set up. It was the perfect weather for a race. No wind, no snow, no rain...PERFECT!! It was a bit chilly however when you are wearing leggings, gloves, a long sleeve shirt, a hoody, a hat and running you actually get pretty toasty. My hat came off at mile 1. I had 2 goals coming into this race 1) To beat my time from my 1st 5k. My first 5k time was 30:11. 2) To place. During the race I knew I was at PR pace. At mile 2 mapmyrun lady said 16 minutes some odd seconds. 2.0 miles. Ummm did she just say 2 miles in 16 minutes? I couldn't believe it. I had already ran the hardest part of the race, the rest was all one way straight no hills!! I got this!! I kicked it in. Flying down Eisenhower in front of the high school, I see my dad my biggest supporter, my biggest cheerleader. He has the biggest smile on his face, and he screams "HOLY COW! Look at your stride!!" I cross the finish line and the Race coordinator yells "25:02!" I jump and say "No way!" I am over joyed!! I not only beat my time from my 1st 5k I crushed it by 5 minutes and 9 seconds! Then we wait for the results. I knew my time was fast, but was it fast enough to place. Finally results....3rd in my age group!! I placed!! I placed!! Technically I placed 4th in my age group, however the girl that placed 1st was 1st female overall I placed 3rd!! My age bracket isn't the easiest...20 to 29 you still have the girls in college that are running. But I made the most of it. (I forgot to post this)
A picture of me and my daddy after our race.
Now for my New Years Resolution. I've made resolutions in the past, last year I made one to run a 5k and to start training for a Half. And to keep my weight at a healthy weight. I did all 3. I ran a 5k, trained and ran a half, and kept my weight down. Now that we are getting closer to the end of the year I started thinking about what my resolution would be. Would it be to keep my weight where it is? To run at least 2 half marathons, to compete in a Triathlon, to run a marathon? What would it be? Yesterday morning I was sitting at the table looking at races to run when it hit me, run a race at least once a month. Run at least 12 races in 2012. So I started looking and I found 12 races in Ks that I could run!! Most of them are 5k's, maybe a couple 10k's, definitely 2 half marathons, and at least 1 full. I am super excited about running a couple races with my good friend Julie!! She has been training, and is my inspiration to keep going. Some days when I don't feel like running I always say WWJD? What would Julie do? LOL It always works because after I ask myself I put my running gear on and go. So thank you Julie for always motivating me!!
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!! This week will be insanely busy but I'm looking forward to it!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No new news

I don't have any new news. Life is busy. We play hard, sleep hard, and work hard.

A little look into the day of a Kidwell
7:00a.m. Wake up time
7:05 breakfast for Miles and Lacey
7:20 2 kids I watch in the morning show up
7:45 my grandma shows up
MWF 7:45 Lacey and Brandon leave for school and work
8:00 Kids leave for school
8:05 I start my workout
9:05 workout over shower time
9:30 getting dressed and ready for the day
10:00 straighten up the house
10:20 leave to get Lacey(MWF)
11 Lunch and any errands
12 Miles down for a nap Mom and Lacey's quiet time
2:00 craft time and or movie time
3:30 Little girl I watch after school walks over
3:30- 5:00 play time
5:00 start dinner
6:00 eat dinner
7:00 clean and start of wind down time
8:00 bath time for Lacey bedtime for Miles
9:00 bedtime for Lacey
10:00 bedtime for mommy

On Tuesday's and Thursday's this schedule is a bit different since Brandon is off work but I try to stick to the same routine. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are my run days. Tuesday's Lacey has dance at 6 so dinner is always a little bit later. I swear that by the time I sit down I'm so tired I just want to go to bed.

I have a 5k on Saturday that I'm super stoked about. My time isn't the greatest however it is faster than my 1st 5k. That's all that matters.

Christmas is fast approaching. Everyone is done, still waiting on some gifts to arrive that I ordered. I did the majority of my Christmas shopping online this year. I've taken advantage of huge sales, and free shipping!! Plus Ebates which pays me 4 times a year to start with them whenever I shop online!! If you haven't checked out Ebates you should!

Brandon, my mom and I are all going to Mexico in less than a month!! An all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta!! I am super super super excited!! My mother-in-law is going to come and stay with the kids so we won't have to worry about them. A week away from my kids, away from the cold (which I haven't even pulled out my winter coat yet....ummm what?!?!) , away from all responsibility. I'm a little worried about being away from my babies, but I know that they are in good hands!!

Well that's all I really have for now....BTW Pinterest is also sucking all my time away from this Blog.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another half, a full, a 50k, a tri....

A girlfriend asked if I have any plans for a Full. Ohh yes my dear friends I do!! I'm jam packing my running. A 5k in a month, another half in April, a full marathon in May, and then training for a Triathlon and a 50k which is 32 miles. I don't want to look back at life and say well I should've done it. I'm gonna run and run hard.
I'm gonna climb mountains with my dad, I'm canoe through Canada, I'm going to make sure that I use every ounce of my body that I possibly can.
I'm going to get to the point that I qualify for the Boston marathon. The qualifying time is 3:40 for my age group. It is around an 8:30 mile for 26.2 miles. I CAN DO IT!! I will train and train and train.
Thank you for all of your support!! I couldn't do it without you!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Half Marathon Finisher

Right before we started
I am now a half marathon finisher. My only real goal was to finish. My dad and I had set a time goal of 2:06. I was well on my way to accomplishing my time goal. My split at the half way point had to be 1:06 I was at 1:03. At about mile 10 my body was drained. But I set out to finish I was gonna finish!! I had ran 10 miles the furthest I had ever run without stopping. I decided to walk, I walked for a minute and decided to run. The camaraderie between runners is amazing. You have never met these people, will probably never see these people ever again, but they want you to succeed, you want them to succeed. When I started walking, this man who had been running at the same pace as me for the whole race said "Come on sweetie you can do it." So I kept plugging along. At 12.5 miles I couldn't pick my legs up to put one in front of the other, I had my phone with me, with myrunkeeper app on it. I called my dad, I was crying, and the 1st words out of my dad's mouth were "Why are you running with your phone?" All I could say was "Half mile left dad, I hurt I have to stop." My dad started laughing. He said "Katie it's a half mile, you've already gone 12.6, what's a half mile more? I'm hanging up and you call me when you finish." This lady who I met when the race 1st started had already finished and was there to cheer us on. She said "I don't remember your name but the finish is right there, YOU CAN DO IT!" Sure enough this burst of energy hit and I sprinted to the finish. Reeling in 2 people right at the finish. I looked up at the time and said "Holy cow 2:12." What a huge rush of emotions. I didn't finish the race in 2:06, but I had finished.
Right after finishing
Some of you may think I'm crazy, at mile 8 I got this huge surge of energy. We had gotten a call at 6:30 that morning from the nursing home saying that my Grandpa probably wasn't going to make it through the day. I swear at mile 8 my Grandpa's soul went to Heaven and he came with my baby brother and my other Grandpa and the boys carried me. I don't even remember miles 8 to 10.
Thank you to everyone who supported me!! Who cheered me on. I couldn't have done it without you!
My body hurt so bad it hurt to stand

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Half Marathon WHAT?!?!

As I am sitting here on my couch watching the CMA Awards I check my email and see that the race director has sent me some race info. Then it hits me it's Wednesday...the race is on Saturday. WHAT?!?!? I have to get a good nights sleep tonight and tomorrow.

I have been training I've done everything I can do. Everyone has faith that I can do it. I will let you know how I do!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 weeks since my last post???

So it's really been 2 weeks since my last post....Ooooo em Cheeses.

I never did my Maryland blog, but we had a great time. It was a full week, dinner outings, an aquarium, Washington D.C., a huge mall, a fun family BBQ, a Beautiful wedding, 2 kid free nights, a fun rehearsal dinner, and an amazing reception. It went by way to fast. I can't wait to go back!!

I won a photo shoot a month or so ago so tomorrow we are getting family pictures taken. I am so EXCITED!! I love family pictures, I love looking back at pictures and wondering where time went. Yesterday we went shopping so I could find something to wear to our family pictures, and maybe buy a new pair of jeans since all my jeans fall off. I was excited when I took a pair of 9/10's into the dressing room, only to have to go back out and have the sweet lady grab me a pair of 7/8's, well I came out and she said let me grab you a 5/6....My eyes were wide eyed, a size WHAT?!?!? I put them on not only did the fit but I think I look rocking in them!!
I also found a really cute brown sweater to wear for our family pictures. Probably the first time in forever where I'm not wearing black in family pictures!

I registered for the half marathon so in 3 weeks I will be running/walking 13.1 miles. My dad has been an awesome trainer and on Sunday we ran 8.25 miles in 1 hour and 20 minutes. I don't have a time goal for the half just to finish!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Maryland Vacation or Pinterest?

Okay so Pinterest wins!!

Maryland was great but that's a whole other story.....Like over a million gazillion pics.

So onto newest addiction. Why did EVERYONE have to be talking about it? Why was I so curious about it? Why did I wait so long to hop on the bandwagon?

Well I am sure my husband, and my kids are thanking Pinterest, but my checking account not so much!! =) Today the kids and I looked at the majority of all my pins and picked out a few of our favorites. I made a list of the things we "needed", and off we went to Hobby Lobby.

Now that I am "Pinning" everything I saw in Hobby Lobby I said either "Ohh I can make that!" Or " I could use that to make..."

We loaded up the cart with all the fun stuff, Canvases, ribbon, paint, spray paint, construction paper, Halloween knick knacks to paint....After that we headed home to put our creative juices out there.

Miles is well Miles and likes to eat his paint
And Lacey well she definitely got the creative genes
Anywho thanks to Pinterest we had a GREAT craft day.

Little Ghost Feet...It's not complete yet
Our Boo Pumpkins

Friday, September 23, 2011

Half Marathon

So I have decided to run the Half Marathon. It will be almost exactly 1 year from the time my weight loss journey began. How PERFECT!! In a year I've gone from an overweight stay at home mommy, to a fit, healthy, running staying at home mommy. My goal isn't a time goal, my goal is to finish. A quote I found on Pinterest (my newest addiction) Dead last is greater than did not finish which trumps did not start. Absolutely perfect!!! It's not about the speed, it's about doing it!

I started training for the half yesterday. My longest run was 4 miles. I figured adding a mile a week would put me at 13 miles the week of the half. My girlfriend came over and we went running. Before the run I had mapped out 5 miles. We got to 4 and 1/2 miles and my friend said lets add a mile, lets do a 10k. I laughed and took off we ran 6.08 miles in a little over an hour. My goal for next week, yes while we are on vacation is to hit 7 miles.

Thanks to whoever introduced me to Pinterest....I am truly addicted, we are going to be doing so many crafts when it gets cold. Plus I may just decorate my house.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Have I lost my mind

Here we are 8 days out before we leave for Maryland. 8 days....My list of things to do and pack grows by a mile each day. I cross 1 thing off add 3 more. I'm super excited about our vacation but at the same time I'm overly stressed out. I crossed a bunch off the list today!! HOOORAY!! Got my shoes, and a new clutch for the wedding. Got a pedi this morning, and Lacey got her haircut. We vacuumed out the car, and washed Miles' carseat. I've been on more in the past week looking at the weather for MD then I have ever been on in my life. The weather is like the weather here so we should be fine packing what the kids are wearing now.

Now one to losing my mind. I've been running more and more. Running the longest and furthest I've ever run, adding more distance every run. I've not lost any weight and stay steady at 146, which is perfect for me!! But now that I'm running more I want to run a half marathon. Yes 13.1 miles....I've got a lot of training to do, but I think I can do it!! I'm really good at pacing myself, and when my body tells me to slow down I slow down. I think I just may do it!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall weather

Two of my favorite time during the year is when the 100* weather finally goes away and we can open the windows in the house, and when the -32* weather goes away and we can open the windows. There is something so refreshing about it cooling down. Knowing the kids and I can go play outside and not die of a heat stroke, or freeze to death.

We had a super busy great Labor day weekend. On Saturday Lacey got to venture to her 1st KU football game with my in laws. She had a good time. We met them in Topeka which is our half way point. After Miles and I dropped her off him and I headed to the mall.

End of summer and winter sales are probably my favorite!! I love all the clearance!! Our 1st stop was to Dillards. I still hadn't found a dress for my Sister in laws wedding that's fast like 3 weeks. I started with 10,478,532 dresses. I found 1 dress that I liked and 1 that I loved!! I bought them both because lets face it when they are 65% off plus an additional 50% off the 65% you can't not buy both.

While we were in Dillards I figured I would go searching for something for Miles to wear for the wedding. The smallest size they had in a cute little suit was a 2T that would drown him. I asked the lady if they had anything smaller and she said that the smallest they carry is 2T. She did say "I'm telling you this but I'm not saying it, Burlington Coat Factory has some, and they are probably way cheaper there too."

She was right!! I had tons of choices, tons of different colors, tons of different styles. Did I mention the price of $14.99. SOLD!! When I got up to the register to checkout thinking I found a steal of a deal the lady gave me a 20% off coupon!!

The last thing on my list to check off was Ivory shoes for Lacey. I had found some awhile back probably 4 months ago, but didn't buy them for fear that Lacey's feet would grow and the size 10's would be way to small. Well fast foward 4 months her feet haven't grown but the size 10 Ivory shoes are impossible to find. After having a meltdown and freaking out I decided that no matter the price or the location I would find Ivory shoes.

I went to JcPenney hoping and praying that they would have Ivory shoes...the lady laughed at me, kinda. She said "Not in kid sizes, and not in adult sizes either." My heart sank, I'm striking out everywhere I go. I kept looking around because maybe this chick has no clue what she is talking about...and there sitting on a shelf was a pair of shoes, the perfect pair of shoes. The size I needed, the color I needed, and well the price was perfect. $12 on clearance!! Okay so maybe they weren't ivory or a size 10 but they were black and a size 6!! Perfect for Miles' outfit!

Our last stop was Payless Shoes. They have to have Ivory shoes right?!?! I mean how can a shoe store that specializes in shoes not have Ivory shoes? I went to Lacey size and wouldn't you know it they had 2 sizes too small and 2 sizes too big. My heart sank. The lady came over and asked if she could help me with anything. I told her that I need a size 10 pair of Ivory shoes. She goes back to the back room comes back and asks "How far are you willing to travel to get these Ivory shoes?" I laughed and said "I'm willing to travel across the U.S.A to find these shoes." Her reply "So driving across the street to the Payless store there won't be any problem?" I wanted to hug her!! She handed me a coupon for $4 off because they didn't have them in stock made it even better!

That night Brandon came home and I showed him both dresses. He picked out one that he liked the best and I returned the other one. On Monday I returned the dress and with it being Labor Day they still had their sales going on. I found a swim suit for next season that was 65% plus the additional 50% off. $18 for a tankini it doesn't get much better than that!! I also found a super cute skirt that was on clearance for $6.99 plus an additional 50% off!! Thank you Dillards!! You made my weekend!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation in January

On Sunday the kids and I went to breakfast at Brandon's work. Having the kids up at 7 we are able to go out to breakfast!! Anywho while enjoying our breakfast Brandon's boss was there. Her and I have a little inside joke about being BFF's because she works to much to have any friends and I don't have any friends because my husband works too much. So her and I decided that we could become best friends. Well she said if you promise to keep it a secret I'll let you know what the talk of the GM retreat has been....I'm waiting in suspense

The thoughts run through my mind of the last GM retreat...the one I couldn't go on because I was 8 months pregnant, the one that Brandon was going to take my mom with him, and the one that Brandon didn't get to go on because 1 month before they were going to go the company had a change of plans for Brandon A) Brandon becoming an Assistant Manager in JC and being closer to my family, or B) Brandon could stay in Ottawa and be the Assistant Manager C) Brandon leaves the company...being 7 months pregnant C was out the window, B was out the window because I hated it taking the demotion and moving back to family was the best choice for us.

I know not to get too excited because things can change, life happens. However the chances of the company moving us again isn't very likely. So I'm not 100% excited but it's my motivation to lose 12 more lbs and get myself bikini body ready!!

Emily whispers the talk is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!! Brandon says 4 years ago they went to Puerto Vallarta and it was amazing!! I can't wait for a week away with my hubby without the kids!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A week

It's amazing how fast the weeks go by. My oh my what a week it's been. Lacey started her 1st day of her last year of pre-school. (tear) She only goes 3 days a week MWF, and it's only for 3 hours, but those 9 hours she is gone seem like a lifetime. She is getting better already at writing her name her letters actually look like "Lacey" and not La....whatever else she adds to it. She is also picking out some letters. I've worked on the alphabet with her but she really had no interest in what the letters looke like. All she cares about is soccer, riding her bike, and playing outside. On September 3rd she is going to her very first KU football game!! ROCK CHALK!!

Miles misses his sissy while she is gone. This week he learned the words "Lacey" sounds more like Acey, shoe which sounds like shoooo, and chicken and it sounds like Chickhen. For the very first time he went by himself without mommy, daddy, or Lacey to my parents house after school. It only lasted 2 hours before he wanted mommy, but it was nice. Since Miles is officially weaned our schedule has really changed. Our days before normally started at 8:30 or 9. Now they start at 6:30 or 7. Which is fine because Lacey has to be school at 7:40. It's better all around!! Get up earlier, nap earlier, go to bed earlier!!

I've been working out like crazy this week, not losing any weight but gaining strength and indurance. My runs are longer and faster, the workouts that started off hard are getting easier (I started P90X Plyometerics, and Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones). My best friend told me to stay off the scale. As a personal trainer she says it's not about the number it's about how you feel. She took my measurements and was amazed!! Her and I can actually share clothes!!

I've only been allowing myself maybe an hour a day on the computer, it's amazing how as first I thought it would be difficult to stay away, but by day 3 I was finding it hard to find time for the computer. Since I've been off the computer I picked up the book "The Help." After hearing people talk about it I figured I would buy it and read it. So far it's a really good book!!

Well my time on the computer is over, the laundry needs done, and the house needs straightened back up!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Taking a nice break

On Sunday I decided that while the kids were up I would stay away from the computer, keep off of all the fun stuff on the Smart phone and spend time being a mommy and a wife. I would only allow myself on the computer during nap time or bed time, and after my workout. My what a change it has made!! I am getting all my chores done 1st thing in the morning, getting a workout in, getting some time in with my best friend Neva, doing fun activities with the kids, spending more quality time with my hubby...I don't even find time to get on it when the kids go to bed. Now even when I get on the computer I wonder how it ever consumed so much time, and really don't have much to do on it.

So if I don't update as often, or take a month break everything is fine, I'm just enjoying the last year before Lacey's in Kindergarten, and enjoying the time I have as a stay at home mommy!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Miles is officially weaned. Our schedule has completely changed but we made it through it!! He is talking so much more.

Last week was crazy, my precious sweet little girl drew a 6 foot red alligator on her pink walls. Stuck gum in her hair not once but twice, and gave Miles a black eye with a hair brush.

However last night the same sweet precious girl after 3 years of calling herself "Wacey" officially says "Lacey". We've been working on the L's FOREVER. She is probably the proudest I have ever seen her. Brandon and I are so proud.

Monday starts Lacey's 1st day of her last year of preschool.

5 more weeks and we will be on our way to Maryland for a week!! YAHOO!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

People and the things they say

After much debate "we" I have decided to wean Miles. Brandon and I have always agreed that I would nurse for as long as I wanted. My initial nursing goal was 3 months, when we made it to 3 months, I decided 6 months, at 6 months it was 3 more months, at 9 months I figured hey why not just go to a year. At 12 months Brandon and I agreed that I it would be a day to day kinda deal....We often joked that Miles would be a senior in high school still nursing.

Day 1 was tough, I sat with him crying with him. Wishing I could make him understand that I'm not being a mean mommy. I asked some advice from the experts, my 2 good girl friends Julie who breastfed her son Jack for a over a year and Neva who breastfed her son Aven for over a year. They both assured me that it would get easier, and that they were there if I need to cry, or some more advice. Thanks Julie and Neva. You are both my lifesavers!! Miles screamed, thew the biggest tantrums I have ever seen (by him.) Lacey has been known to throw some pretty big tantrums. I tried to keep us busy. By the time Brandon got home Miles was ready for bed. Brandon rocked Miles to sleep and he slept all night until 8 this morning.

Day 1=Success

Day 2 we aren't done with day 2 however it's gone fairly well. I think I'm in more pain then Miles is....It's been a good day. He took a 30 minute nap, and is now asleep again. Whatever works. Luckily my mom came and took Lacey!!

Getting to almost 18 months of breastfeeding hasn't been easy. It's had it's ups and downs. The midnight run to Wal-Mart to buy a can of formula, and a new bottle, the clogged milk ducts, the pumping for hours, worrying about my supply, being the only one able to feed Miles, but every single day has been worth it!! It helped me lose tons of weight, helped keep my little man healthy, kept my menstual cycle away for 16 months...I was period free for 25 months!!

Now on to the crazy things people say. It starts when you are pregnant, they tell you how huge you are, how tiny you are, that they wouldn't do this, but do that instead. When they are born it's like you are asking for unsolicited advice. Strangers stop you in the store to tell you how to parent, what to feed your kids, what sippy cup to use, to rearface your baby in the carseat until they are teenagers. I am their parent I will decide what I think is best for them. Whether you agree with it or not. The last time I checked my kids didn't come with an instruction manual. (Iwishtheydid)

I don't make it known a lot that I still breastfed. If someone asks I'll tell them. When they ask how old Miles is and I told them 17 months, they say "you really breastfed for that long? That's a long time. Way longer then I would have done it." I say "yes I know how long I've nursed him, I gave birth to him 1 year, 5 months, and 10 days ago. 524 days ago, if you want that in hour, minutes, and seconds I can give that to you as well." Oky well I never really said that, but that's what I was thinking.I've had women look at me like their appalled, one mom joked that I was going to be like the mom from the movie "Grown Ups" where my son is 4 and still breastfeeding. One mom asked if I wanted award for breastfeeding the longest. I looked at her and said nope I got it already...he is a healthy, active, happy 17 month old.

I know that breastfeeding isn't for everyone. I don't try to push it on people, if they want to formula feed go right ahead. You are your child's parent not me!! You may not agree with my parenting skills or lack there of, and I may not agree with yours...however we are mommy's, or parents....can we just respect one another???

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

St. Louis

We had a wonderful vacation to St. Louis. It was short but sweet. We left on Lacey's birthday giving us an extra day to spend in St. Louis. I'm so glad we decided to leave a day early!! We got to experience more and weren't rushed.

We stayed at Drury Inn and Suites in Arnold which is just about 15 minutes South of the Arch. Staying outside of St. Louis we got a GREAT rate for a room. The hotel was amazing. They had an indoor/outdoor pool. Half was inside and half was outside. You could swim from inside to outside. It was pretty cool!! The rooms have fridges and microwaves, great for storing the milk and lunch meat. They offer a free breakfast and what they call Kickback. Kickback starts at 5:30 and they have hot dogs, chicken fingers, hot wings, salad, fruit, veggies, mac and cheese, baked potatoes, and nachos. They also have a soda fountain, and during Kickback the adults are given 3 free adult beverages. So we saved tons of money by not going out for dinner or breakfast.

The first day we woke early had a great breakfast, and headed to the Arch. Before we left for the Arch Brandon decided that the kids and I needed hats and sunglasses. We could see a Wal-Mart but couldn't find the entrance to Wal-Mart. So we drove around for probably 30 minutes trying to find the entrance. Finally I punched it in my phone and we found it. Before leaving KS. I did my research. I called the Arch and asked when the best time is to get to there. The lady said before 10am. In doing my research I saw that our hotel offered coupons to the Arch. Buy 1 adult tram ticket get a child free!! Miles was already free because he wasn't 3 and with this coupon we got Lacey's ticket free too!! We got there a little before 10 bought our tickets and went and stood in line to go through security. I'm glad we got there before 10 it was already hot and muggy but had we waited until later in the day it would've been worse. Plus the line was short when we got there, when we left the line was so long!

We got through security, it felt like it took forever. Probably having 1 kid that had to go potty and the other who wanted to get out of the stroller and play probably had something to do with it. It honestly only took about 15 to 20 minutes. We got in went potty and got in line to go up the Arch. This was my 4th time up the Arch. I love it! Being up so high being able to see for miles, it's such a thrill!! Brandon has Vertigo, heights and him don't mesh at all, but he was a trooper!! The kids and I spent probably 10 minutes looking out the windows. Lacey pointing out EVERYTHING she could see. Brandon and I were both surprised that the Arch wasn't swaying AT ALL!

We walked around the Museum at the base of the Arch. I was very impressed with how interested Lacey was. She looked at everything, wanted to know what everything was. Wanted to know how it was used, what it was used for.

After the Arch we decided to head to get some lunch. We went to a cute little Cafe on the river. Called the River Front Cafe. The kids were more interested in feeding the birds and fish then they were with actually eating! It was fun watching them have a good time.

Following the Arch was The Magic House. A great Childrens Museum. With tons of stuff to do and look at. I found a coupon online for buy 1 adult get 1 child free that our hotel was offering. The kids had an amazing time. They had an Alice Wonderland Exhibit that Lacey LOVED!! It's probably one of her favorite movies. She got to have tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter, which totally made her day!! She also got to sit in the Oval Office and act as president. Around 4 Miles was starting to wear out. We headed back to the hotel and both kids were out before we hit the highway.

We went back to Wal-Mart that night and got stuff for lunches. We woke up packed up some lunch and headed to the St. Louis Zoo. Like the other places I had done my research and knew that we wanted Safari passes. The Zoo is free, but to do things inside the zoo you had to pay. They have a 3D movie, a carousel, a Sea Lion Show, a train, a Children's Zoo and a Motion Simulator. All which would've cost us $63, but with the Safari pass we only paid $30. We got to the zoo shortly after 9 bought our Safari Pass and headed into the zoo.

I was very impressed with the zoo. There was so much to do and see. So many animals. If you could think of it, they had it. Around 4 we decided it was time to head back to the hotel. We had dinner at CiCi's pizza...Brandon and Lacey's favorite place.

The next day we packed our bags loaded the car and went to Anheuser Busch Brewery. Brandon was worried the kids wouldn't enjoy it as much as we would, but they did very well!! After Anheuser Busch we headed back West. It was a short but sweet vacation. The kids did well, and now we kinda know what to expect in September when we go to Maryland for a week!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

St. Louis

We have planned a family vacation. We are going to St. Louis on the 17th!! Growing up we went to St. Louis numerous times and I loved it!! I can't wait to show my kids such a fun city!! We are planning a trip to the Arch, the Magic House (which is an awesome children's museum), The St. Louis Zoo, hopefully we can fit in Grant's Farm and the Anheuser Busch Factory.

At first we were just going to drive down 18th and drive back on the 20th. So we could spend Lacey's birthday at home with family. After discussing it more we decided that one day in STL just wouldn't be enough. We got a great deal on a hotel room through Priceline.

I am so excited for a family vacation!! I'm calling it our "Trial run" before our Maryland Vacation!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


2 weeks ago I was talking to my girlfriend about the 10k Freedom Run that started out on as a Marathon years ago (which my dad holds the record for), that turned into a half marathon, that turned into a 10k. It used to start over the Milford Lake Dam, but now starts on Washington street between 5th and 6th streets. Well during our conversation she informed me that they are doing a 5k.

3.1 miles. I've been running for awhile, but never 3.1 miles. I talked to my hubby about it, who was more worried about my knee then I was. I called my mom and asked if I decided to run it if she would be able to watch the kids. Of course she said yes.

With my knee pain I've been trying different methods to make it feel better. After talking to my dad and a few friends a new pair of running shoes was in order. So I went to Manhattan Running Company. They put me in a new pair of shoes that are AMAZING!! My knee pain however didn't go away. The guy that helped me at MRC said that I probably Iliotibial Band Syndrome. It only hurts when you run and the only way to fix it is by running.....I'll keep running!!

On July 2nd I decided I was running the 5k race. So I registered. There was no going back now!! I woke up early on the 4th did a lot of stretching and headed to the park. I was anxious, and excited. Praying to God that my knee pain would hold off so I could run. My mom, dad, older sister, my best friend Neva, Brandon and the kids were there. Brandon actually took a day off of work on a holiday!! 7 o'clock came and the race started!

My knee felt good until about mile marker 2. I walked 2 blocks knowing that I can make it this far I only have 1.1 mile left. Adrenaline kicked in. By the time I hit 5th Street I knew that I could run it because I had done it before!! The 3 blocks to the park I had ran it many times. I kicked it into gear, my knee hurt but the finish line was right there. I ran 3.1 miles in 30:11. My average mile was 9:44. I finished a 5k, I DID IT!! I can't wait for more 5k races!!

My new treasured moment was when my dad came up after the race, the look on his face was priceless. The look of a proud dad. Luckily my husband was there to capture the moment in a picture.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rehersal Dinner

We officially have 15 weeks until are trip to Maryland for Brandon's sister's wedding. 98 days!! I know that I'm getting super excited about the wedding. It'll be a wonderful vacation, and the 1st time that Brandon's dad, sister and step mom meets Miles.

We are ordering Lacey's Flower Girl dress in 2 weeks. The Bridal stores I have talked to say to put it off as long as possible, but give us enough time get it altered if we need to get it altered. Lacey gets to make the final choice on the dress she wants. Brandon's sister picked out a few, and then we went and looked at some. Lacey found one that she loves. According to her Aunt Annie will love it too!! She had to do the spin test, the bigger the spin the better the dress.

Here is my dress for the rehersal dinner.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

16 months

On Friday my little man will be 16 months. Where the heck has time gone? It seems like just yesterday he was a newborn baby and I was bringing him home from the hospital. Now he is a walking, semi talking, all boy 16 month old.

He amazes me every day. He has no fear! Climbs on tables, goes down the stairs, jumps into the pool...I think he would jump in even if someone wasn't there to catch him.

He has started taking off his diaper when he is stinky and lets you know that he is stinky. He brings you the wipes and says "Tinky" I think potty training is in our near future.

He is onery as they get. When he is doing something he knows he shouldn't be doing he gets this devilish grin on his face, it makes everyone giggle. He is full of life.

He says a few words, mom, Daddieeeee, mam maw (grandma), papa, sis, thank you, and please. He says pup when he sees a dog, and what's this when he sees something outside. He loves being outside and he loves birds and other animals outside. If he had his way we would be outside from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed.

I love watching him grow and can't wait to see what milestone he hits next.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

new clothes!

After hitting my goal weight and sitting steady at it for a month I decided it was time to buy some new clothes. Everything I owned was WAY to big. I mean it would fall off. My pants I would have to pull up or wear a belt, my shirts look like tents. So today I went shopping.

It's Father's Day yes I know. It should be all about my wonderful, handsome, awesome hubby. Well if his wife isn't happy he isn't happy. LOL. So I shopped. With the 2 kids all by myself. Let's just say by store #2 I was wondering what the heck I had signed up for. They were actually very good and helped me make some good choices.

I have decided I like dresses. I'm a tomboy, jeans and tshirts, being outside, camping, bugs, snakes, worms...I love it all, dresses not so much. However my wonderful mother in law gave me some dresses and in doing so made me realize that I LOVE Dresses. Today I tried on 5 or 6 dresses. I bought 3 of them!! The most dresses I have ever owned. I bought my dress for my sis in laws wedding rehersal. It is super cute and a size 10. Yes a size 10!! I could have gotten by in a size 8 but my boobs are just way to big. The best part it was only $11!! It was orignally $90. I couldn't pass it up.

I also got 2 pairs of capris, 3 tanks and 3 camis. I tried on shorts and they are either 2 long or too short. I can't do short shorts. I guess it's because I'm a mom and I want to be a great role model for my 2 babies. I want them to respect their bodies.

After trying and trying to drop below 150 I have decided it is a great weight for me. Very easy to maintain, and I get told if I go any lower I will look sick. I'm in a size 10, I haven't been a size 10 since my freshmen year in high school!! In fact I tried on some 8's that fit. My tops I bought largers well because I have big boobs. I did try on a large in the misses and it was way to big so a Medium would've been perfect, but the didn't have a medium....

I hope eveyone is having an awesome Father's Day. We are waiting for Brandon to get home and then heading out to my folks house for dinner!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A long weekend

On Thursday the kids and I made the 2 hour drive to KC. I had a dentist appointment with the worlds best dentist (Brandon's uncle). Only 4 more appointments and all my dental work will be done. I am having all the silver taken out and white caps put on. I dropped the kids off at my in-laws for my appointment. After my appointment I went and hung out with my mother in law, and Brandon's Aunt and cousin. It was a very nice, margarita relaxing, evening.

Friday morning we got up early and headed to Baldwin City to see Thomas the Train!! We got to ride Thomas, take pictures with him. It was very nice. However it was too dang hot and Miles doesn't deal well with heat.

Friday afternoon Miles and I left and left Lacey with Grandma Andrea. Papa Jim was going to Nebraska to play golf so they were having a girls weekend. I got home Friday night and Brandon had informed me that our laptop had a virus.....It didn't have a virus when I left Thursday morning. I did everything in my power to fix it, but it was too far gone. So Bradon took it to Best Buy on Saturday morning. The Geek squad said they can fix it, but in honesty we needed a new laptop. Ours had keys missing from a certain 3 year old who took them off. The screen didn't work a certain little sister dropped it. Brandon called me and we discussed it. A new laptop it would be!!

I must say I enjoyed the few days without a computer.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life is what life is

Life is busy, with 2 little ones, summer, the pool, family time, life is just busy. The kids and I spend the majority of our day outside. I hate being inside and plus they play hard and sleep hard!! This momma likes that!!

We are planning my sister's baby shower for the end of June, which I am super stoked about!! We are also planning family vacations. Making plans for our GM retreat that will be coming up in January. My wonderful Mother in law is going to come watch the kids

I honestly think I'm kinda done with the computer or the internet I should say. Or is it just a few people. People who think that they are better than everyone else. Trying to one up you. Or make it feel like they are one upping you. I debate almost daily whether or not to log off Facebook and never log back on. However it keeps me up to date with my close friends and my family that isn't here.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I hate it when no one in the house feels good.

Wiping noses, cranky kids, writing down the times they took Tylenol, the times they took Motrin, when they took their antibiotics, no one sleeping

I do love the cuddles, and the laying on the couch and doing absolutely nothing. However there is so much house work, and it piles up. I wish I had a maid that could come in and clean....

The hardest thing for a mother is seeing her kids in pain. Lacey has an ear infection and cries because they hurt so bad. HURRY UP ANTIBIOTICS KICK IN!!

Miles is so sick and it breaks my heart nothing I do makes him feel better. He has this horrible cough....We took him to the Dr. on Tuesday because he had a fever and a cough that was horrible. The Dr. said it was probably a late cold. I believed the Dr. because he knows more than I do. Well after 5 days of a fever a cough that hadn't gotten better. I took him to Urgent Care where the Dr. there listened to him breathe and decided that he has Pneumonia. She made him do a breathing treatment, ordered lab work, ordered a Chest X-Ray and then took some snot to check for RSV. I have never in my life witnessed something so sad. I honestly wish I could take the pain away from him and make it my own. He was a trooper and didn't cry at all while getting his blood drawn, however during the X-Ray we weren't so lucky. The contraption they put the kids in is crazy. Their feet dangle, their hands are above their heads, they strap them in. It looks so uncomfortable. Miles screamed bloody murder, but the X-Ray tech said they want them to cry so they can get a good picture of the lungs. We won't know the results of the X-Ray until some time tomorrow.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's with babies on the way, babies here on Earth and babies up in Heaven. This day is for you!!

Sunday holidays are like normal days in our house. Brandon goes to work earlier than normal, works harder than normal because everyone comes in to eat, and comes home later than normal. The kids and I slept on the couch last night so Brandon would be able to sleep without being awaken by one of the kids. At 5:30 he was rushing out the door, kissed me goodbye and said "Happy Mother's Day, go to sleep in the bed." I picked up Miles and went to our bed. I got to sleep in with both kids until 9. It was wonderful. We woke up had some waffles, did some cleaning, watched some cartoons, our normal Sunday. After lunch we ran to the store, came home made Smores Cookie Bars, took naps, played outside, went and saw my sister. Now we are headed out to my parents for dinner.

Brandon did text and say he was busy (Which is good) He doesn't think he will be home much before 8. A 14 hour day...I am so blessed he is my husband!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter is coming

Easter is fast approaching. Easter is super late this year, it is actually the latest that it can ever be. Well with Easter approaching the Easter Bunny is finally at the mall. Lacey has been begging to see the Bunny since we bought her Easter Dress. Today seemed like the perfect to go, so we went.

While we were out we decide to go try Flower Girl dresses on Lacey. Brandon's sister wedding is on Oct. 1st and we are trying to figure out what Lacey likes, what Ann likes, the size that would be best to order, if it's better to get measurements or just go by true size. Here are a few of Lacey's favorites.
This is Lacey's favorite

We had to do the spin test on every dress. Lacey loved the way the 1st one spun the best. Luckily the sash comes in a different colors and the dress comes in Ivory.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mothers Intuition

My mom is amazing. I am blessed with one of the world's greatest moms. Growing up I am sure I thought she was the worst mom. Not allowing me to eat candy for breakfast, or not allowing me to stay at a friends house when her parents weren't home. I am sure I put up a good fight when I didn't want to do my chores, or when she told me no. Looking back I am glad she told me no, I am glad she gave me rules and boundaries. I know I tried to push those limits daily.

Having 2 kids of my own I look back a lot and try to remember the way my mom disciplined me. Lacey is a button pusher, and she talks back. My mom said it is a genetic trait passed down from my dad, to me, to her....I am sure she is right. I can't get through telling Lacey "NO" without her saying "But, but"

My mom always knows when to take the kids or take one of the kids. She normally takes Lacey, because Lacey is old enough to talk and she asks to go. When I ask my mom to watch the kids she always says yes. My mom always knows what to say to help me calm down.

Thanks to my mom for being so awesome!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I only have 7lbs left until I reach 140!! I took a few weeks off, just watching what I was eating, but not really exercising. I maintained 152-154. This week I've gotten myself in gear. Taking in 1250 calories and working out. This morning I stepped on the scale and was surprised to see 147!! Officially 40lbs down!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding plans

My Sister-in-laws wedding is fast approaching. We have several months but I know that they will fly by.

I am trying to find clothes that fit and look halfway decent. I went through my summer clothes yesterday and let me tell you EVERYTHING looks like a tent!! I think a shopping trip is in order!! I am hoping to find a couple nice dresses to wear the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.
Is it wrong to wear black to an October wedding? I really have no clue what to wear....A long dress, a tea length dress, a knee length dress?!? Ohh geeze I am already stressing and it's not even 3 months out yet. Maybe while we are out clothes shopping I can try on some dresses.

I am hoping that my parents are able to come with us. Built in babysitters! Brandon's sister hired babysitters for the wedding reception but I am not comfortable with people watching my kids that I don't know. But I want to be able to enjoy the reception....I guess we have time to figure at.

Flower girl dresses are SUPER cute!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Funny things kids say

Lacey is one of the funniest kids I know. She has a huge vocabulary according to her teacher.

On Tuesday I picked her up from Pre-School and her teacher asked me if Lacey knows anyone in jail. I told her that her biological father was in jail and that Lacey knew that. Well her teacher said that one of the girls in class said that her grandma was going to come pick her up. Lacey said "No her grandma isn't! Her grandma is in jail!" Ohh geeze!!

On Tuesday night we talked to Brandon's step-mom and his sister(Ann). Lacey will be a flower girl in Aunt Ann's wedding in October. So we were discussing wedding plans. Lacey gets on the phone and says "Aunt Ann tell my mom to cut my hair!" We have told Lacey we aren't cutting her hair until after After Aunt Ann's wedding.

On Friday was Brandon's birthday, we went out to eat and Lacey rode with my parents. Lacey kept asking my mom if they were there yet. They were at a stop light a block away from where we were going and Lacey asks "Grammy are we there yet?" My mom says "Almost Lacey." Lacey says "We are not almost there, you are driving around in circles!" My parents laughed so hard they were crying when they got to the restaurant.

She has also started telling knock knock jokes. They don't make any sense but we all laugh after she tells them. Even Miles has started fake laughing to laugh at his sister's jokes.

In other news my sister finds out on the 19th what she is having!! At 22 weeks you can't even tell that she is pregnant!! Lucky duck!!

A good friend of mine EH announced that she is pregnant last week!! Her and her husband are going to make AMAZING parents!! I am loving all these pregnant women!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ABC's of me

ABC's of me

A. Age: 26

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore you dislike:picking up after the is an all day thing

D. Dogs: We don't have any yet

E. Essential start to your day: COFFEE and creamer.

F. Favorite color: Green

G. Gold or silver:White gold and silver

H. Height: 5’7”

I. Instruments you play(ed): The flute

J. Job title: Full Time Mommy and part time at Screen Machine

K. Kids: Lacey who is almost 4 and Miles who just turned 1

L. Live: Junction City

M. Mom’s name: Laurie

N. Nicknames: Kate, Liz, Lizzy, sissy, mommy

O. Overnight hospital stays: 2003 for my appendix, 2007 Lacey, and 2010 Miles

P. Pet peeves: People chewing with their mouths open, people who are inpatient at the grocery store

Q. Quote from a movie: I feel the need, the need for Speed

R. Righty or lefty: Lefty

S. Siblings: A wonderful older sister Bethany, an amazing little sister Briana, and my Angel Brother Clayton

T. Time you wake up: Tuesday's and Thursday's 7, every other day I try to be up by 8

U. Underwear: it depends on the day

V. Vegetables you don’t like:I like all vegetables

W. What makes you run late: trying to pack up 2 kids.....I am always forgetting something

X. X-rays you've had: Ankle, back, finger, teeth

Y. Yummy food you make: Taco Soup, Chicken Macaroni

Z. Zoo animal favorites: Polar Bears...years ago Great Bend Zoo had them and I could watch them all day

Not much

Not much has been going on in our household...not much at all!!

Last week we had a fun play date at the park with Rachel her 2 kids, and Julie and Jackson. It was great seeing Julie and her cute baby bump!! I just wish it had been warmer than 50*.

I think my Mother-in-law is going to come and spend the weekend with us!!! YAY!! I love my mother-in-law and have missed her. It was nice living in Ottawa, KC was only a 40 min drive.

Brandon is on his 12th day of about stressful. He will probably have to work 16 more days straight before a day off. I guess I shouldn't complain. At least he has a great job that pays all the bills.

I am planning a baby shower for my sister. She isn't due until August 5th and won't find out what she is having until the middle of April. I just bought all the diapers to make a diaper cake for her!!! I am super excited!! I am also buying a few little things here and there that I get super cheap with coupons.

Brandon's uncles family owns a lake house, and we go every year, however this year they are going August 5-August we aren't going. I know that babies come when babies are ready so she could go early or she could go late but I don't want to miss it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Days like today

It is days like today that I have to tell myself I love being a mom, I love being a mom, I love being a mom....over and over and over again. Days where both kids didn't nap....Probably my fault, I had a million errands to run this afternoon, plus it was GORGEOUS outside. If they went down for naps at 2 they'd sleep past 4 and the whole afternoon of playing outside, burning tons of energy would be shot. So they stayed awake. Now normally when they don't take naps bedtime is easy. 9pm they both crash....Well not tonight!! It is 11 and Lacey is in her room screaming and Miles is finally ready to nurse himself to sleep. He has been to wound up to sit still.

The weather has been AMAZING!! Shorts, flip flops, tank tops, no coats, no hats, no gloves...just go outside. Windows open, fans on. Today while we were getting ready to go run our errands I put Lacey in the most adorable shorts she looks at me and says "I can't wear shorts, I didn't shave." I almost died laughing!! A few days ago I told Brandon I couldn't wear shorts because I hadn't shaved in days. They pick up EVERYTHING!

Yard work is getting done this week!! We moved into my grandparents house last year the end of May. My grandparents had TONS of stuff. My grandpa was a carpenter and has every tool known to man, my grandma was a hoarder. My grandpa is in a nursing home and my grandma lives with my parents. Well when we moved in we still had (have) some of my grandparents stuff. This includes 2 sheds in t he backyard, and an entire room full downstairs, plus stuff still in the attic. My parents are on spring break this week so my dad is coming over and we are finally going through the sheds!! We will finally be able to clean up our yard.

I love a huge, well manicured, well landscaped yard. I love being able to have the kids play and know that there is nothing that they can get hurt on. Even though with my 2 there is always something to get hurt on.

I have been doing lots of couponing...scoring some pretty sweet deals!! However I did have the worst experience at Wal-Mart over the weekend. I think I will just stay away from there. I can get better deals, and customer service at Dillons and Target!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My ring has been found!!

On Tuesday Lacey and I were sitting on our big over sized chair. She was doing her normal play with mommy's hair while she watches TV. Miles was playing.

A little back story Brandon and I had taken the cushions off the couch and the chair when my ring went missing. In fact he took them off the chair and I went back and took them off the chair again. I sit on this chair on a daily basis. On Monday night Brandon dug through our trash bin thinking maybe it fell off when I took out the trash. We moved the couch, chair, the bed...we moved the house around. NOTHING!! Brandon took the P trap off the sink which resulted in my dad coming over Sunday to replace the pipes that crumbled in Brandon's hands when he took it off.

Well Miles has started climbing onto EVERYTHING!! He has no fear, yet. Well while Lacey and I were sitting on the chair Miles decides to climb up on the couch and stand on it. I jump up to save him from falling off the couch backwards, and Lacey proclaims "Mommy, I found your ring!! It was right here on the chair, you were just sitting on it." I turn around and say what? She said "Your ring I found it, you were just sitting on it." Sure enough in her tiny little hand was my wedding ring. I had her show me where she found it and she placed it right next to her on the chair. I was and still am in shock. I know on Saturday night it was not in the chair. I know that I checked the chair daily and it wasn't there.

So today Brandon and I took my ring to be sized...from a size 7 to a 5 and 3/4. no wonder it was falling off.

As of yesterday morning I weigh 149!! 2lbs away from the 40lbs mark!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Losing close to 40lbs does have it down sides...Last night I was getting ready for bed. Did my normal routine, wash my face, put my moisturizer on my face, brush my teeth, floss, and then put lotion on. As I was putting lotion on my hands I noticed that my wedding ring was missing. I freaked out and woke Brandon up. I made him take the P trap off of the sink. Thinking that maybe it went down the drain. Brandon took the pipe off, and somehow broke it...only to find that my ring wasn't in there. I have torn the house apart looking for it. I will continue to tear it up looking for it. My biggest fear is that I lost it shopping. My dad is coming over in a bit to hopefully fix it. If not Brandon can fix it tonight when he gets off work.

Moving weight fluctuates daily from 150 to 155. My goal by the end of May is to be 140.

I did do some more coupon shopping yesterday. My new addiction has made me get a binder to keep track of those coupons. Making sure I take full advantage of everything. I got a box of Gain fabric sheets for $0.12 at Wal-Mart. Yes a whopping 12 cents!! I also got Tide Stain Release packs at Dillons, I got 2, 18 count bags for $1.50 each. I got Secret Deodorant for $0.50, a 4 pack of Duracell batteries for $1, Gilette shave gel for $1, a free pair of jeans from Target, Dawn dish soap 24fl oz for $0.75. My grand total for all 3 stores yesterday before coupons was $100. I walked away paying $45!! 55% off....I bought all my binder stuff at Wal-Mart that I didn't add into this total.

The kids and I are headed to KC this afternoon so I can pick my Aunt up from the airport tomorrow morning. Hopefully the weather will be nice so we can sneak a trip to Legends and Cabela's. Have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Funny things my kids say

Lacey cracks me up whenever she talks to me.

In January I had taken the kids out to my parents house and my mom had just taken down the Christmas stuff. Lacey walks in the Door and yells "Papa, Papa!!" My dad comes down the stairs and asks Lacey what is wrong. She looks at him with this worried look on her face and says "Where's all your stuff? This is serious!" My dad and I laughed so hard we cried.

Lacey went and stayed a couple nights with my sister. She comes home and says "Aunt Bessie
(Bethy) and Unc let me watch Sponge Bob, it is trash TV!!" We don't let her watch Sponge Bob because I told her once that it was trash TV.

We no longer stop for fast food. Lacey went and spent the night with my parents last weekend. I had gone to pick up Lacey and she says "Grammy took me to McDonalls." I said "Oh Really?" She says "It was the best food ever, Grammy is my favorite!!." My mom looks at her and says "That was a secret you weren't supposed to tell your mom I took you for McDonalds." Lacey says "I not wying, mommy Grammy didn't take me to McDonalls."

Last night Brandon snuck in and surprised Lacey. Lacey says "Where'd you come from?" Brandon says "I came from work, where'd you come from?" Lacey looks at him funny and says "Mommy's tummy!"

Miles isn't talking but he does say mom, dad, sis, papa, down, this, that, stop, and his new word is uh-oh.

The other day he was doing something and I told him no-no. He points his finger and says "Top" I couldn't believe it!! He has done it a few more times since then.

Everything is uh-oh. He throws something and says "uh-oh." Lacey talks back and Miles says "Uh-oh."

I am so glad I get to be their mommy! They drive me crazy, make me laugh, make me smile, and fill my heart with so much Happiness!! Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have become addicted to Couponing. In my free time I am looking for the biggest bang for my buck. I follow, I am ADDICTED!! I can't wait for my next shopping trip.

The kids and I just went to Dillons to go shopping. I am a bit upset because I didn't realize until I got home that 3 items rang up different than what they had posted. But oh well it is raining and cold and I don't want to go back out in this crap!! 10 boxes of cereal...$7.75 for all 10 boxes. Roughly $0.78 a box. how my coupons worked. I downloaded some to my Dillons card. 2 $0.55, one for Cinnamon toast crunch, and 1 for Honey Nut Cheerios. I had 2 $0.55 coupons for Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Honey Nut Cheerios. I had 4 $0.75 off Cinnamon Cheerios (Dillons double coupons up to a dollar) so they were really $1.00 coupons. I then had 5 if you buy 2 you save $1.00. The cereal was on sale for $2.18 a box. However the Honey nut Cheerios didn't ring up right, the rang up $3.20. You may think that is a lot of cereal, but we eat about 2 boxes a week. WE LOVE CEREAL!! Some days Lacey will eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Next on my list was Yogurt we eat tons of YOGURT, they were on sale 10 for 6, I had 2 coupons for $0.40 off 6 (really $0.80) I bought 12 for a $0.46 a piece.

Bounty was on sale for $5.99 for an 8 pack, I had downloaded a coupon to my card for $2.00, then had a $1 coupon. $2.99=$0.37 a roll.

Charmin on sale for $5.99 for 12 pack. They had a coupon you could download for $3.00. I also had a $1 coupon. $1.99=$0.17 a roll!!

Puffs were free, they had a special for $1.45, I had downloaded a $0.50 coupon, I had a coupon for $0.50 (doubled a $1) they paid me $0.05 to take them home!!

Pantene downloaded coupon for $1.00, on sale for $3.49. I had a $2 coupon and $1 coupon $1.49 a piece

Glide dental floss on sale for $2.50, I had downloaded a $0.75 coupon, and I had a $0.75 coupon, (doubled a $1) I paid $0.75.

Chex Mix Lacey's favorite snack on sale for $1.25 dowloaded coupon for $0.50 off 2. had a coupon for $0.50 off 2 (doubled a $1) 2 for $1.

Gogurts on sale for $1.99 had a downloaded coupon for $0.75 off 2, and had a coupon for $0.75 off 2 (doubled a $1) $1.12 a piece

Progresso soup on sale for $1.25, $1 off 4=$1 a piece

Than last but not least my favorite pretzels on sale for 2.99(rang up wrong $3.49) $1 off coupon $2.49.

My starting total before coupons and my plus card was $103.86 my ending out of pocket was $41.39!! Over 60% in savings!!

I am looking for boots for my mountain climbing adventure. I think I found a pair at Cabela's that I really like. I am going to go try them on next week Monday when I go to KC to pick up my aunt from the airport. Here is a picture og the boots

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Danner Women's Cloud Cap Hikers at Cabela's s7_813569_048_01

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ready for Spring

I have been horribly slacking on working out. A lot of it has to do with my knee. It only hurts when I work out. I have tried ice, heat, ibuprofen, nothing sucks!! Luckily I haven't gained any weight, just stayed around 153 or 154.

I am ready to get outside early and work out outside. I am ready for the kids to be outside all day. I hate being cooped up in the house because it is too cold to go out. We are taking full advantage of the nice days, there have been a lot lately.

I am starting to train to go climb some 14'ers with my Dad in Colorado in June. I have always wanted to go Mountain climbing with him and now I am finally going to be able to go!! He told me today "Now you know that we don't stay in a Hotel that we sleep in a tent?" Growing up we camped out almost every weekend. I don't remember many weekends as a kid at home. Hopefully my dad will be able to go with his knee.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Life and Death

On Friday my mom emailed a link to a wonderful website that shows a pair of Bald Eagles and their beautiful nest with 2 eggs. Eagles mate for life, truly a beautiful love story. The male lost his 1st mate during a late winter storm in 2006. Lacey and I watch it daily. We got to witness her laying the 2nd egg. AMAZING!! We now have a corner in the living room that has an Eagle calendar, and a countdown till the eggs hatch. Here is the site New life being brought into this world.

Other new life I have tons of friends that are expecting!! I love new babies. It really gives me baby fever. I would love more kids but financially it would be stupid....and in all honesty we have a boy and a girl, a perfect family.

Death...every one dies. It sucks. I have lost numerous people. My Great Grandma in 8th grade, my Great Aunt in 2000, my Grandpa in 2001, my brother in 2004, family friends here and there. It breaks my heart. Just seeing other people cry makes me cry.

On Friday I get a text from Brandon, one of the owners of the company he works for died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Now I have only seen Brandon cry twice since we have been together. The 1st time was when his friend lost his wife suddenly, and the 2nd time was when I had Miles.

Brandon came home Friday night and was playing with Miles. He stopped looked at me and said "I don't know if Larry had any kids." And he starts crying. It broke my heart. I didn't know what to say or what to do. I just gave him my shoulder and let him cry.

May you rest in peace Larry. LL&G Christmas Parties will never be the same.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Miles

I have been working on this post since Thursday................but every time I sit down to write it I start crying so I have had to stop myself. I am huge baby I know!!

It is amazing how much he has grown. He walks, says a few words, terrorizes Lacey, starting to sleep in his crib, still nursing....he says mama, dada, sis, uh-oh, down, and papa. A 1st year look in photos

Monday, February 21, 2011

365 days ago

365 days ago I was still pregnant with Miles.
It was just me and Lacey all day
A couple days before I was induced Lacey and I went to Lawrence for a date. We went shopping and got some new clothes for her, took her out to lunch, went to Target, and no Mommy daughter date would be complete without a trip to DQ for Ice Cream.
I thought I was ruining her life. Completely changing EVERYTHING she has every known. She had my undivided attention for 2 years 7 months and 1 week. Her life will never be the same. A last picture before Miles is born.

Well little did I know that her love for him would be instantaneous.

Telling Mommy all about her new Brudder.