Monday, February 28, 2011

Life and Death

On Friday my mom emailed a link to a wonderful website that shows a pair of Bald Eagles and their beautiful nest with 2 eggs. Eagles mate for life, truly a beautiful love story. The male lost his 1st mate during a late winter storm in 2006. Lacey and I watch it daily. We got to witness her laying the 2nd egg. AMAZING!! We now have a corner in the living room that has an Eagle calendar, and a countdown till the eggs hatch. Here is the site New life being brought into this world.

Other new life I have tons of friends that are expecting!! I love new babies. It really gives me baby fever. I would love more kids but financially it would be stupid....and in all honesty we have a boy and a girl, a perfect family.

Death...every one dies. It sucks. I have lost numerous people. My Great Grandma in 8th grade, my Great Aunt in 2000, my Grandpa in 2001, my brother in 2004, family friends here and there. It breaks my heart. Just seeing other people cry makes me cry.

On Friday I get a text from Brandon, one of the owners of the company he works for died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Now I have only seen Brandon cry twice since we have been together. The 1st time was when his friend lost his wife suddenly, and the 2nd time was when I had Miles.

Brandon came home Friday night and was playing with Miles. He stopped looked at me and said "I don't know if Larry had any kids." And he starts crying. It broke my heart. I didn't know what to say or what to do. I just gave him my shoulder and let him cry.

May you rest in peace Larry. LL&G Christmas Parties will never be the same.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Miles

I have been working on this post since Thursday................but every time I sit down to write it I start crying so I have had to stop myself. I am huge baby I know!!

It is amazing how much he has grown. He walks, says a few words, terrorizes Lacey, starting to sleep in his crib, still nursing....he says mama, dada, sis, uh-oh, down, and papa. A 1st year look in photos

Monday, February 21, 2011

365 days ago

365 days ago I was still pregnant with Miles.
It was just me and Lacey all day
A couple days before I was induced Lacey and I went to Lawrence for a date. We went shopping and got some new clothes for her, took her out to lunch, went to Target, and no Mommy daughter date would be complete without a trip to DQ for Ice Cream.
I thought I was ruining her life. Completely changing EVERYTHING she has every known. She had my undivided attention for 2 years 7 months and 1 week. Her life will never be the same. A last picture before Miles is born.

Well little did I know that her love for him would be instantaneous.

Telling Mommy all about her new Brudder.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Foot

On Thursday morning my foot was sore. I figured it was from my nice run, but after 3 days of hurting it has to be something more. I have iced it, put icy/hot on it...nothing has worked. I haven't exercised since my workout after my run. I think I have pulled a muscle at least that's what I hope it is. I will take it easy until it feels better.

Today I hit my goal of 155!! Yes 155lbs!! 32lbs down!! I would like to lose 3 more lbs. Here are some pictures of the before and after

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Off and running

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. The kids and I had spent a lot of the day outside. We had Miles' 1st birthday pictures taken. A picnic at the park. Brandon had a meeting for work and was up and gone before the kids and I.

Brandon got home a little after 3:30. I threw on yoga capris and my tennis shoes and told him I was going for a run....I honestly thought it would be more of a jog/walk than a run, but I was getting out of the house without the kids. I grabbed my headphones and my phone and took off. I started at a nice jog, I ran up to the Y...I only stopped twice to walk. After I got to the Y I decided to walk a little bit, after walking a block something said to start jogging again. So I did. I jogged, and then started running, it felt amazing!! I got home 25 minutes after I started.

I logged onto and in put where I ran. It came back I ran 2.45 miles. 10:08 mile. SWEET!!

Today I am sore, not just sore super sore!! My thighs, calves,knees, abs, feet all hurt. I took today off from working out, I figure my body needed the day to recoup. I did go for a little walk with the kids. It was too nice to not get out of the house!!

Miles is turning one next week. It breaks my heart to think about him being 1 next week. I just want my baby back! Luckily I know plenty of pregnant women and plenty of women who have babies! A good friend is finding out the gender tomorrow at 2!!! It can't come fast enough!! I want to go buy some baby clothes!! LOL

And now for Picture Overload!! I found a lady here in town Heather Busing she owns and runs Spitting Images. She is AMAZING!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 months

This week was an amazing week in our house!!
Monday Lacey was legally adopted by Brandon. Something we have waited 3 years for. A dream come true!
Tuesday Brandon's sister called us and wants Lacey to be a flower girl in her wedding in October. We are so excited!! Lacey will be such a cute flower girl!! October 1st can't come fast enough!! Family vacation to Maryland!! YAHOO!!
Friday I booked Miles' 1st birthday pictures. It breaks my heart to think a year ago I was miserable and pregnant and holding a newborn to a walking, saying words, 1 year old. I have some super cute ideas for his pictures. I am thinking about taking our Kitchen Aide stand mixer, a wooden spoon, and a chefs hat. I think it would make for super cute pictures. He will also be doing the smash cake!! Here is a picture of Lacey with her smash cake!

Today marks 3 months since my lifestyle change. Today I stepped on the scale expecting to see 159 or 158 where I have been holding out for a week or so. Instead I saw 156. That means I have lost 31lbs in 3 months. 10lbs a month, 2.5lbs a week. I have hips bones you can feel, I have collar bones you can see....I fit into a pair of size 8 shorts!! Size 11's are too big. I am 1lbs away from my goal of 155.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I like to sew. I don't do it hardly ever. When we moved into my Grandparents house my Grandma had at least 15 sewing machines. She loved to sew. I asked if I could have a sewing machine, and of course no one objected.

We have an entire finished basement that we don't use except for storage and laundry. We have been talking since we moved in about making the family room downstairs into a Toy Room. On Wednesday we went through the toys/books and donated 4 huge trash bags of Toys to Good Will and 2 boxes of books to Good Will and 1 box of books to Lacey's pre-school teacher. There are 2 windows in the Toy Room that need curtains.

We went to Wal-Mart and found the cutest Curious George fabric that was on clearance for $2.50 a yard. I have never ever made curtains before but figured it can't be that hard. So we bought 3 yards of fabric.
The cute fabric

Today I got out the sewing machine and went to town....
The sewing machine

I ironed the fabric
And then went to townHere is the finished product. Super cute Huh?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I'm eating

I have decided to write a blog about food I eat.

Losing weight isn't all about eating carrots, salads, celery and drinking TONS of water. It's about a way of life. A lifestyle change as I call it. When people ask if I'm dieting I tell them no I have just changed my life. Portion control, no more junk food, and still enjoying what I eat.

So many other times I have started dieting and quit when I reached my goal weight. This time there is no quitting because I have changed my life. I have found the importance of what is going into my body.

Here are some of my must haves in the house at all time!!

Fruits, tons and tons of fruit!! Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Oranges.

Vegetables!! Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, Carrots, and Celery!! I always whenever we get home from the store peel my carrots, cut them into sticks, cut up my celery, cut up some onion....just to have it very easy to get to. No excuses!!

Flat Out Wraps!! ABSOLUTELY Wonderful!! 90 calories for 1 wrap. Super super yummy!!

Bagel Thins 110 calories for 1 a quick easy breakfast. Throw it in
the Toaster throw some Fat Free cream cheese on it and go.

Wonder Light Wheat Bread 80 calories for 2 slices.

I will every couple of days add MUST HAVES! I will let you know that we are on a tight budget me being a Stay at Home mom with only 1 income. It is possible to eat healthy and stay on a budget. Like buying big carrots washing, peeling, and cutting it saves us around $1 per shopping trip.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowy Ice days!

Yesterday it was icing today it is snowing....Good thing I am a fan of winter!!

Yesterday while we were stuck inside the kids went down for early naps. They were asleep by 1pm. This never happens!! I took advantage of nap time. Dr. Oz was on. I never (Okay hardly ever) get to watch day time TV. There are always some sort of cartoons on, or some movie on. Well on Dr. Oz they were talking about the best way to lose weight. I DVR'd the episode so I could watch it again. It was so informative.

You should workout 5 minutes after waking up. Get up go to the bathroom, brush your teeth
Working out 1st thing before you eat anything your body will burn fat since there is no food to burn

Drink a cup of Ice Water before your workout (It takes more energy to heat up the water, burning more calories during your morning workout)

Eat breakfast no later than an hour after waking up

Eat lunch 4 hours after Breakfast

Eat dinner 6 and half hours after lunch or 3 hours before bed, eat nothing after dinner

If you take any supplements take them 15 minutes before dinner. With a cup of Ice water. They will fill your stomach up making you less hungry at dinner.

So here is what my day looks like
7:30 wake up brush my teeth go to the bathroom drink my water
7:35 workout for 35 minutes
8:10 eat breakfast
12:10 eat lunch
5:55 take my supplements
6:30 eat dinner
10:00 bed time

I am hoping that this will help lose those pesky 10lbs!!

My mom and dad got me the Biggest Loser for the Wii. I weighed myself in and it is not nearly as nice as the Wii Fit game. The Wii fit says I weigh 160 with 0lbs with my clothes on. The Biggest Loser says I weigh 164.3. So I am going to go with The Biggest Loser and say I weigh 164.3. This will motivate me to lose more weight. The Biggest Loser says I need to weigh 154, so that is my new goal.

I set short week long goals this week it is to not eat anything after dinner. I will keep you all updated.