Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The truth about staying home

I debated and debated on whether or not to post this.  Or to even write this.  I don't want people to think we are dysfunctional, or that my daughter is a terror.  I decided to write this in case there are other parents out there that need help.

 I love staying at home and watch my babies grow.  I love watching them develop and learn new things.  We've been working with Lacey on tying her shoes...she has done it a handful of times by herself.  It's amazing to watch her face light up whenever she gets it!!  She tells everyone "You can't go to Kindergarten until you can tie your shoes."  So she wants to be good and ready for Kindergarten. 

We've been having trouble with Lacey's behavior.  She is an amazing little girl, very intelligent and picks up on everything.  We don't have any problems at school, she listens, sits, plays with her friends, doesn't do anything that concerns her teacher.  At home she is a different child, slams doors, yells, screams, throws things, hits, bites, says hateful things.

It got so bad one time that I called Brandon in hysterics.  I didn't know what to do.  She was yelling, hitting me, telling me she hated me.  It broke my heart.  I tried to keep my head, remind myself that she is only four and doesn't know any better.  At our next  Parent as teachers meeting I brought it up to her, and she was concerned.  She set us up with counselors from K-State. 

Two weeks ago we finally met them.  They are really sweet, and wanted to get a good feel for our family.  We told them about our concerns, about our family life, about Brandon adopting Lacey, about Lacey's biological father, things they needed to know.  Well last week at our appointment they said that they think we need to get Lacey into our Pediatrician and talk about CAT scans, head starts pounding.  What could possibly be wrong with my little girl? 

So Tuesday I take Lacey to the Dr.  She said absolutely no scans of any sort.  She suggested we meet with a psychiatrist.  She thinks that Lacey may have something called ODD Oppositional Defiant Disorder.  Our Dr. said that she would absolutely not put Lacey on any medications.  Thank goodness!  She said what they would do is more family therapy type of deal.  Help Lacey deal with anger, and help us help Lacey.  

The truth is staying at home isn't always sunshine, and rainbows.  It's hard.  It's stressful.  Some days I cry, some times I lose my temper, some times the kids push every single button.  Some days I feel all alone.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I just want other Stay at home mommy's to know that they aren't alone.  That other mommy's have good days and bad days.  That not every day is rainbows and sunshine like they make it seem.

I will keep you all posted about our appointment with the psychiatrist.     

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

9 Mile run

I will first start with saying that going vegetarian for me has been fairly easy.  I don't even miss meat.  Nuts and peanut butter are my favorite go to for protein. 

Now on to today.  I registered for The Color Run in KC in June, so now my March, April, May and June races are all registered for.  Any who Josephine sent me a message on FB asking if I wanted to go running today.  I of course said yes.  It was overcast and a little rainy but I'm not gonna let that stop me.  So we decided on anywhere from 6 to 8 miles.  

I took the kids to Manhattan, Lacey had a Dr.'s appointment, I needed to run to Hobby Lobby to pick up more Tulle for my adorable tutu, and I needed wanted to look at Dick's Sporting Goods for running capri's.  We didn't make it to Dick's the kids feel asleep on the block drive over to Dick's so I just drove home.  I put Miles down for a nap and Lacey and I cuddled on the couch.  I ended up taking a nice little nap while Lacey watched a movie. 

At 4 o'clock Brandon was home so it was off to run.  We had decided to run the River Walk trail.  It is an out and back trail.  It's 9 miles all together so we just decided to do it all.  We knew we wanted to take it slow and easy, keep it at a 10 minute mile.  We felt amazing the whole time.  It's so great having someone to run with, we talked about everything.  She is going to run the half marathon with me in Abilene!  It will be awesome to have a partner to run it with.  Someone to keep you going when you don't want to.  I was stoked to see when I got home that we paced it perfect and averaged a 10 minute mile. 

We will run again on Thursday.  It'll be great having someone to keep me on track and keep me motivated.  We are just weeks away from the half.   

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fancy Creek

Yesterday was my February race.  A 5 mile  trail run at Fancy Creek.  It was a beautiful day to run.  It was 60* a bit breezy, but once inside in the woods you didn't even feel the breeze.  My dad came with me to watch the kids.  I am so lucky to have such supportive parents who are always willing to watch the kids while I make my dreams come true. 

We got to Randolph a little early, and since I had picked up my packet on Saturday there wasn't much to do.  My dad and I talked.  I told him my goal was to finish in a hour.  We line up and I meet up with my running buddies from last weekend.  We all agree that our pace from last weekend was perfect. 

The gun goes off and off we go.  The first part of the race bottle necks and so you have to patiently wait to enter the trail.  One part of the group gets in early, Josephine and I are right behind each other.  She takes the lead and is our pacer.  I am feeling great.  Our pace is about a 12:45 mile.  Which for trail running is good.  The 2nd mile I look at the Garmin and it was 12:10.  Sweet we picked up 35 seconds!!  A little before mile 3 my stomach starts to churn, my intestines are tying themselves in knots (or at least that's how they feel.)  I almost felt like doubling over.  I pushed through the pain for a little bit but the pain just got worse.  I walked for a little bit just trying to get the pain to leave.   

Josephine had taken off in front of me and at about 3 and half miles I ran up to her sitting her on the ground.  She had slipped and fell.  She gets up and we take off together.  She slowly pulls away but I keep  plugging along.  At the very end I kick it into high gear and right at the end pass her.  Josephine and I took 2nd and 3rd in our age group.  I wasn't even planning on placing.  I finished with a time of 56:53.      My average pace was 11:51 over a minute faster than we ran it last week.  `

Lacey and I at home after the race

My 2nd place medal
From left to right
Nick, Kelle, Cole, Cleo, Josephine, and me
Everyone placed in our age group except Cleo.  Great Job JC Runners!!

Next up the Aggieville 10k!!  I got the stuff for my tutu!!  I can't wait!  2 months down 10 to go

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Boy

Yesterday my baby boy turned 2.   I amazes me that he is already two.  He is the most loving little boy.  I maybe a bit biased  but I think he is the cutest!  He loves to cuddle, give hugs and kisses.  He is a boy of few words.  When I say few words it is a few words maybe 25, and the only two words he says together are "thank you and bless you."

We've been working on the word 2.  He says one and freeee, yesterday when we would say "Miles how old are you?"  He was hold up one finger and say "Freeeee."  Then he would start giggling.  Ohh how I love my little boy.  He is definitely all boy and all ornery. 

He loves making messes, loves to laugh, loves the movie "Tangled," he can watch it all day everyday.  He loves anything sweet, he begs for popsicles for breakfast, always asks for more candy...he gets that from his momma.  He loves his big sissy.  Always wants to be doing what she does.  He loves his daddy, papa, grammy and his momma.  He loves babies and every time we see a baby anywhere he always yells "babeeeeee!"     

Miles is so intelligent.  He picks up on everything.  He loves to play games on the iPhone, loves to sing, and count.  He doesn't like to sit and read.  He likes to take things apart and then try to figure them out.  He has his daddy's brain.

He loves to play outside in the dirt.  The dirty he gets the better he is.  He loves to swing in the swings and go down the slides.  He likes to climb on top of things and jump, so you better be ready to catch!

My baby on his birth day
My baby on his 1st birthday
On his 2nd birthday

My baby boy I can't wait to see what life has in store for us.  You are the most amazing little man I know.   Happy Birthday, and many many more!! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lent Day 2

2nd day of Lent, and finally my husband gets a day off work.  Having only one day off once a week to some may seem "easy" but when he has a wife and two kids at home it gets tough.  I'm not sure who it is harder on me or him.  I'm home all day every day with both kids, and he's at work telling 30, 20 to 60 years old what to do.

This morning I went into work for a couple of hours.  For breakfast I had a bagel thin with peanut butter on one half and cream cheese on the other and a banana!!  After work we headed to Manhattan for lunch at Hu Hot.  Brandon has been begging to go so we finally went.  I had a good plate of fish, veggies, and a little bit of noodles.  It was super yummy.   There was temptation there but having the option for fish made it easy to choose.  After lunch we went to Mernards to look for some lighting for our living room.  The kids were restless and ready for naps.  So it made a short trip. 

The kids went down for naps and I decided to go to the store to get stuff to make Miles' birthday cake.  I make Rolo cupcakes but the boy deserves a cake, so I'm making a Rolo cake.  It is in the oven now baking!!  I was debating on whether or not to run outside today.  It was windy (when I say windy we were in a wind advisory) and chilly.  I finally talked myself out of the run outside and decided to hit the dreadmill instead.  I figured I would do some high intensity training.  I set it up for 40 minutes.  The first five minutes I was ready to quit!   I heard these ladies talking next to me as I ran the 2nd 9.0 saying that it was stupid to run that fast on a treadmill, that I needed something to keep the sweat out of my kinda pushed me harder.  I ended up doing four miles, one mile more than I had planned.  After the HIIT I went to Zumba to dance the rest of the stress away. 

I came home to this sitting on the table

Avocado, tomato, shrimp salad. 
  It was delicious!!   It is time to sit down and relax and enjoy the rest of my evening...or bake a cake. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent Day 1

Last night for our "last" meal we had cheeseburgers.  Not our regular low cal burgers on wheat buns, but greasy high cal cheeseburgers.  They were wonderful.  I ate more than my share...thanks to Lacey for sharing with me.

Today I got up early and hit the gym knowing that Brandon would be working late.  I drug my feet and said some nasty words about being up before the sun, but in the end I ALWAYS love a good workout.  Today it was 10 minutes on the Elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike.  Then 40 minutes of weights.  I am definitely noticing a change in my body.  It is much more stronger than it was a month ago.

I got home did some cleaning and laundry...did the dishes in the bathtub because the Kitchen sink is backed up.  The plumbing in this house sucks, we've had to get new pipes for the kitchen sink, and bathroom sink already.  We've had to unclog the bathtub, sink in the bathroom, and now we are dealing with kitchen sink problems.  Miles thought it was a hoot to do dishes in the bathtub, I however was not amused.  When all my chores were done it was breakfast time a very yummy fruit salad was in order.  I add EVERY single fruit we have the house, oranges, apples, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, clementines, grapes add a little of it all and mix it together.  It is quite filling and so delicious!!

After picking up Lacey we had a few chores to run first to the Pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Brandon then off to Manhattan.  Lacey wanted Sirloin for lunch.  Day 1 and already the meat temptation.  I did really well with a salad, and some mashed potatoes.  After lunch we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up Tulle.  Lacey bought Hot Pink and I found green for my tutu for the race next month.

Once we were done there we headed to Manhattan Running Company.  When I registered for the March and April races I printed off the 5 mile trail run paper and filled it out, took the check and the paper and stuck it to the cork board.  After talking to people I wanted to make sure I would be able to run the trail before signing up and it totally being way harder than I imagined.  After running it on Saturday I knew that I had to register to run it!!  We dropped off the paperwork and finally headed home.

Miles went down for a nap and Lacey and I hung out and watched some cartoons, until she went outside to get the mail and didn't come back in.  Once Miles woke up we took advantage of the gorgeous weather.  We cleaned out the car, washed the car, rode bikes, rode cars, worked on Lacey's t-ball skills.  Miles also has some mad t-ball skills.  We munched on Graham crackers with peanut butter, some almonds, and clementines.  The kids love those Cuties!!  (Thanks, Cuties for your commercials!  Every time Lacey sees Cuties we have to buy them!)  

When my mom came by to pick up my Grandma; Lacey had it already planned that she was going with my mom to stay the night.  When I asked Miles what he wanted for dinner he pointed to the leftover hamburgers for last night.  Meat temptation #2, I fixed Miles his hamburger and I heated up the leftover veggie stir fry from a couple of nights ago. 

Day 1 is a down and it was successful!!  39 left...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trail running

Yesterday I got to experience my very 1st trail run.  I ran it with two other ladies.  It was so much fun.  I had mud all up my legs and all over my shoes.  It was a tough 5 miles.  Ups and downs, muddy, creeks, muddy, leaves, muddy, rocks, muddy, icy....oh and did I mention that it was muddy?  It was definitely a lot funner than running on the roads.  I was a bit skeptical when one of the ladies told me that it would take about an hour.  I was like there is no way 5 miles will take an hour.  It took 1:01, it was a lot more difficult than road running.  You have to watch your every step yet be completely aware of what is going on in front of you.  I am addicted to trail running now and hopefully will continue to do it.

It was great running with new people.  I made a couple new friends and have new running partners.  I can't wait for a gym partner and someone to run with during the week.  I think it will make training for the half and the full so much easier. 

Today my ankles and right below my calves are killing me.  It probably didn't help that my dad and I went on a 4 mile run on an unmaintained gravel road this morning.  I think it was almost just as bad as running on the trail yesterday.  I had mud up my legs, my shoes are muddy, and since I wore a different pair than I did yesterday, both pairs need cleaned. 

 My goal for today was 10 miles.  My dad however didn't think that he is in good enough shape to do 10.  So today it was 4, maybe next Saturday we will do 8.   

The next most exciting thing is the Wild West Relay.  It's not 100%, I'm discussing it with Brandon.  My dad is going to think about it.  Then talk to the guy that has a team from here that goes.  What the WWR is a 200 mile relay race.  You have a group of 12 and there are 36 legs.  So each runner runs 3 legs.  It would be a total high!!  It is Colorado in August.  I am definitely hoping that this is something I get to do. 

My next investment will be trail shoes!! 

  I hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!!

Since Brandon works in the restaurant industry Valentine's Day is kinda just another day in our house.  He goes to work in the morning, and works ALL DAY.  The kids and I do sweet little Valentine's Day stuff.

Yesterday Brandon got off work early.  He only worked a half day.  I went to the gym when he got home and did some HIIT training.  When I got home he said "We're going to dinner together and I have a baby sitter."  YAHOO!  So we went to Umi in Manhattan.  It's a Japanese Steakhouse that is super yummy!!  At dinner Brandon gave me my Valentine's Day gift.   

Oh yes, it is the Garmin Forerunner 210 for women!!  (For women means it's got this cute little design on it)  I was so excited I thought about running once we got home!!  I've mentioned a time or 100 that I really wanted a Garmin.  I use my phone on my arm but I don't know if it's accurate.  I can drive my car the same route I run and get more mileage on my car than what it says I ran.  I can't wait to try it out today!!  

So for Valentine's Day last week the kids and I made some Valentine's for our parents and Grandparents. 

I hope everyone has a very special Valentine's Day!! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day

It is days like today that I love being able to stay at home with my 2 babies.  Some days are stressful and I feel like all I do is clean up all day.  Some days I feel like my patience's are being tested, buttons are being pushed.  Today isn't one of those days, last night it snowed.  I love the snow! 

Well once Lacey went to school Miles and I made the most amazing brownies fudge.  It was a recipe I found on Pinterest and was excited to see that it was from a blogger I regularly follow.  Runs for Cookies (you can read about her journey here)  She's an amazing woman who has lost 125lbs.  The recipe is super easy.
Pumpkin, Brownie mix, and peanut butter

All you need are these 3 ingredients.  You mix the pumpkin and brownie.  It takes awhile to get it good and mixed.  Put it in a 9x9 or 8x8 pan.  Take 3tbps of Peanut Butter and melt it in the microwave for 30seconds.  Once the peanut butter is melted add it to the top of the brownie mix.  I used a toothpick and swirled it all over the top.

Bake them for 30-35 minutes.  They will look more like fudge than a brownie.  If you eat them hot you can really taste the pumpkin. 
Enjoy!!  The kids love them too! 

I mentioned it is a snow day.  What would a snow day be without making one of these?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Shin Splints and Challenges

As a daughter of a runner, I remember many mornings coming upstairs to see my dad lying on the floor stretching after a long morning fitness run.  I remember the rolling pin on the floor and my mom massaging out my dad's sore legs.  I've seen my dad suffer hip pains (that he ran a 10k with and took first in his age group) I've seen him run with a broken knee cap, Achilles problems....he's a runner and has been since high school.  When I first started running I had horrible pain in my knee.  Pain that only showed up when I ran.  After talking to him about it we decided that I had Iliotibial band syndrome.  After stretching more before and after running, buying new shoes, and continuing to run it eventually went away.

My running since there has been fairly painless.  The most pain I've ever experienced from running was after the Half.  I didn't get to stretch properly afterwards, nor eat right, and my body let me know it!!  I swore I could've slept for a week after the half.  Fast forward to last night.  I decided to go on a 3 mile run.  A quarter mile up Eisenhower I thought someone had taken a baseball bat to my shins.  I kept pushing, the pain got worse.  I came home stretched and went to Zumba.  After Zumba I did some of the Warrior Dash workout.  I decided to try and do some HIIT training...warmed up with a light jog for 5 minutes, ran at 7 for 2 minutes and upped it to 9.5 I ran the minute and I could barely jog afterwards.  Needless to say I didn't do any more.  I jogged for a mile stretched and went home, where I was greeted by Swai Tail and fresh veggies for dinner.  I called my dad and he said "Ice and elevate them."  I did and they feel a lot better today.  I decide to take the day off from any work out.

Now on to the challenge. Everyone knows that I like a good challenge.  I read a blog and this lady is doing a Natural Food Challenge for the month.  It got me thinking, I don't think I have the will power to eat no sugar for the month, but what about going Vegetarian?  I love my steak, burgers, turkey, chicken...but what about giving them up?  So I talked to Brandon.  He jumped on board!  On March 1st we will be going Vegetarian for the month.  We will still eat eggs and fish but we will not eat any other meat.

I will blog daily about the trials and tribulations of not eating meat.  I am also going to schedule an appointment to talk to a Dietician to just make sure that I am getting everything I need to be getting.  Especially with running a half marathon the next month.    

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin'

  It was an Eeyore kinda day.  It was overcast and trying to spit snow.  The beautiful big snowflakes that everyone loves.  The kids went outside and caught some on their tongues.  Of course I didn't take pictures.  I did some house cleaning and even cleaned the dreaded toy room.  The toy room is downstairs so it's kinda out of sight out of mind.  I can close the door to the laundry room and not have to look at the toy room (which I choose to do because the minute I clean it they throw everything back on the floor.) 

Brandon had to work a half day.  The minute he got home I threw on my running grub and left.  Remember in the first paragraph I said it was spitting snow.  Well by 4:30 it was full on snowing.  I didn't care, "There is no such thing as bad weather, just weak people."- Bill Bowerman
I knew that I needed to run.  The 1st quarter of a mile I was talking myself into turning around.  I kept plugging along and figured I'd see how I felt at a mile and if I needed to I could run back down the hill home.  I got through mile 1 and felt pretty go.  I ran past 3 other runners and thought well at least I'm not the only insane person.  I took a different route then my normal 5 mile run and when I got to a block away from home I was over 5 miles and only a half mile away from 6 miles.  I never thought in my life that I wouldn't be satisfied with running 5 and half miles.  I ended up running 6.1 miles just to say I ran a 10k in the snow.  It wasn't fast it took 58:28 but I paced myself and didn't feel like collapsing when I walked in the door.   

After the run I went to the gym to do a round of the Warrior Dash workout.  I didn't go through each exercise twice just once.  I figured after a 6 mile run I could do half of it. 

I am super excited about the Eisenhower half, they sent me a confirmation email with a map of the course, packet pickup info, stuff that makes it REAL!!  9 weeks and 3 days! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Warrior Dash workout

Today I started the Warrior Dash Workout.  It is no JOKE!!  I have muscles in my body that hurt that I didn't even know existed!  Muscles on top of my muscles hurt.

The Warrior Dash workout consists of 30 exercises you do each one for 30 seconds twice.
  (Here's the link to the workout)
I did round one and said there was no way I was going to do it again, but that little voice in my head made me do round two.  After the workout I decided to get a mile in on the treadmill.  (I hate treadmill running but I figured a mile is a mile.)  I ended up running a 7:10 mile.  I probably could've skipped the run but I need to start getting more miles a week.  After the mile I walked for a half mile just to cool down.  Hopefully someday I will be able to run a 7:10 mile for more than just one mile.... 

Tomorrow is a 5 mile run day plus another gym workout.  (I'm praying I'll be able to walk)  

Friday, February 3, 2012


I just registered for 3 more races!!  February, March and April races are now all registered for!!

February's run is a 5 mile trail run!!  I am running the trail course with a few friends on the 18th.  I am so excited!!

March's run is a 10k St. Patty's day race.  Brandon and I were already discussing my outfit...we think a green Tutu is in order!!

April is the Eisenhower Half Marathon.  I debated and debated before registering.  Will I be able to get back into good enough shape to run another half marathon?  Am I pushing myself to hard?  I finally sucked it up and registered.  If I didn't register I would talk myself out of running it so I bit the bullet and registered!!  My goal for this half is 2:10 minutes.  2 minutes faster than my 1st half.

My birthday was amazing!! I  got everything I could've wanted.  A new pair of running shoes, a new printer, new sport bras,  and Under Armour Sweats! 

New running shoes
A few race day pictures

My favorite I look like I'm flying

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!!  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday Weekend

I had a good weekend.  It went by fast but it was lots of fun.  On Saturday I got up and went to the gym while Brandon stayed home with the kids before he had to go to work.  I started some High Intensity Interval Training.  I  only did 1 minute at 9mph, 2 minutes at 5, 3 times.  After the gym I had to go to work for a couple hours.  Once I got home from work I cleaned up the house, did some laundry, and started packing.  My goal was to leave JC around 2 so we could get to KC around 4 so I could go to Legends and go to the Nike outlet to buy some running stuff with the birthday money that was burning a hole in my pocket.  Something in the back of my head said to wait until the laundry was done in the dryer before we left.  So I waited around packed our bags for Kansas City, and loaded up the car.  At about 3 the laundry was all done the car was loaded I was ready to go.  Brandon called and said "Have you left yet?"  To which I responded "Nope. I wanted to finish the laundry, and clean up the house."  He said "Good you might want to wait a couple more hours because there was a horrible accident on I-70 right outside Topeka that has traffic completely stopped."  His boss was driving to Manhattan and watched the accident happen.  She was in shock, it was accident that claimed the life of a mother and 2 of her young children.  I am so thankful for the thought in the back of my head that told me to wait.  Had I not waited we would have been there right as the accident happened.  It is amazing how God works.

So we didn't leave for KC until 5:30.  We got  there around 7:30 the in-laws were out and they had made spaghetti for me.  The kids and I gobbled up some and went to bed.  We were asleep by 9 at the latest.  Sunday morning we I woke up at 6:30 and started getting ready for Race Day!!  I went through my normal race day routine.  Did some stretching and at 7:30 we hit the road.  The Race sight was half an hour away from my in-laws house and I am blessed with such a wonderful Mother In Law she came with me to watch the kids and watch me run.  We get to the parking lot where we park the car and got on a shuttle to shuttle us across the street to the "Caves."  Once we got to the Caves the jitters had hit strong.  This place was PACKED!!  They are man made caves.  It is climate controlled storage units.  Where you can park you car, boat, RV...etc.  I get the race day packet and put my number on.  This is the 1st race I've run that has used chip timing.  I ran the Half Marathon with Chip timing but they had the chips on the back of your number.  I had the chip in my hand and knew that it had to go on my shoe.  Finally after trying for what seemed like hours, I asked this sweet lady who did it for me.

Finally it was time to line up.  I told my Mother in law that my goal was to finish around 25 minutes.  I made my way to the start line.  The line was long.  This was the biggest race I'd ever participated in.  The have 3500  spaces open for 2 races.  The race sold out.  I'm standing there with about 10 minutes left and doing some stretching.  A guy next to me asks how many times I've ran this before and I said this is my first time.  He said "well it's completely flat."  I grinned and said "Great so I should win because I train on hills."  Our conversation went on he ran this race many time before.  We wish each other good luck and the gun fires.

The start of a packed race is like a one car accident on the interstate.  No one is injured but everyone stops and slow down to look.  With it being underground my phone didn't have signal so the mapmyrun app didn't work.  Which may or may not have been a blessing.  I didn't know how fast or slow I was running.  I know my feel good pace, but I like having the reassurance that I'm running at that pace.  At mile 1 I felt amazing.  At mile 2 I felt better than I did at mile 1.  I kept pushing myself, kept running past people.  At mile 3 I couldn't believe that the race was almost over.  I kick it in come around the corner and see the finish line.  The clock on the finish line reads 25:00.  My heart sinks, my  goal was to be under 25 on my 27th birthday.

I followed a group of runners to a table with computers set up.  The guy typed in my number and gave me a little piece of paper with my actual chip timing time.  I felt the tears well up when I read 24:49.6.  Happy Birthday to me!!  I set a PR!!

Before the race
After the race

Next race 5 mile trail run on February 26th!!