Saturday, March 31, 2012

10 mile trail

Today was the Milford 10 10.  A race that consisted of a 10k and a 10 miler.  It was a great day for a race.  It could've been cooler, it was a tad hot.  My goal for this race was to finish in two hours.  I knew that it took me an hour to run Fancy Creek and that was five miles, so running a 10 mile trail should take about two hours.

I started the race running with Kelle.  Our first mile was in 8:36, a pace a lot faster then what I wanted to be running at.  However I felt good so I figured I would run with her until I couldn't any more.  Our 2nd mile was 9:16, by this point I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep up the pace for the rest of the race.  So I decided to slow it down to a nice easy to maintain 10 minute mile pace.  With the back half of the course a bit more technical I think I made a good call.

I ran by myself for a few miles, when I'd go to pass someone we would talk for a second wish each other good luck and go on.  I got to the half way point where my mom, the kids, and Uncle Harvey's wife Julie.  The boosted my confidence and I kept trudging along.

Around mile 7 or 8 I found a couple people and we started running together.  It was a guy and a very nice lady named Ruth.   Ruth and I ran together and she was a great help to keep me going.  We talked about our running, our families.  She is truly amazing, she has run marathons, ultras, 50k's, definitely an inspiration.  Did I mention that she is in her 50's?  And she just picked up running again in 2004 after taking 20 years off to raise a family.

At mile 9 I told Ruth that my goal was to finish in 2 hours.  She said that was her goal too.  We both looked down at our watches and we had only been running for 1:30 and something.  We both said we are going to crush that.

With about three quarters of a mile left I started pulling away from Ruth.  Once I hit the cross country course I saw my running buddies, Cleo, Richard, Kelle, and Kim.  They were there to cheer me us on.  I took off down the hill, I looked up and saw the time of 1:46!  I crushed my goal.  I cheered Ruth to the finish and went and found my running buddies.

Lacey asked if I was going to get a medal, and I told her probably not.  There were 71 finishers in the 10 mile race, I knew the chances of me placing were slim but I had finished and that was all that mattered!  When they called my name for 3rd place in my age group I almost fell over.  It was a great day for the group of ladies I run with.  Cleo ran the 10k and took 3rd in her age group, Kelle took 3rd in her age group, and Kim took 1st in her age group.

At the end of the award ceremony they do a raffle and I won a North Face pullover running jacket!!  WOOHOO!!
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In order from left to right
Me (3rd), Cleo (3rd), Kelle (3rd), and Kim (1st)
We are BEASTS!!

Bring on the half in 2 weeks!! 
I also got the pleasure of meeting fellow runner and blogger  Angela.  She is a Middle School Counselor and an awesome runner!!  I got to cheer her to the finish!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Have I lost my mind?

Tomorrow I run a wonderful 10 mile trail race.  I really have no time goals for this race.  I want to take it nice and easy.  It will be my last long run before the half.  Ummm seriously only two weeks tomorrow before the half?  Where has the time gone? 

Last night I bit the bullet and registered for my October race.  I sat here shaking before and after I registered for it.  There is no going back once you do it.  I would've waited but the price goes up $10 on the 4th and I just wanted to make sure I got registered.  The race is the Kansas City Marathon, and yes I registered for the FULL MARATHON!!

I'm hoping that with my training where I am now I can just start adding more miles on, and then in July when my friends who are running it as well start training I'll just start running with them.  I'm still scared outta my mind!  26.2 seems so intimidating. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Party + Spring Break

What a whirlwind of a week.  It all started on Saturday, 10k, last minute birthday party details, running ragged.  The birthday party on Sunday was a blast!  Everyone had a good time, and the Mickey Mouse decorations were adorable!! 

The goodie table

Mickey Mouse wreath

Birthday Banner

The Yummy food and the birthday boy climbing the stairs

The cake!! 

The Birthday Boy
I had lots of fun stuff planned for spring break, the park, the zoo, playing outside....but Mother Nature had different ideas and decided to rain all week.  So I spent the majority of the week cleaning and rearranging.  Lacey spent the entire week with my parents so it was nice being able to spend one on one time with just Miles. 

Since it was rainy I didn't get to do as much running as I would've liked.  I went to the gym and did 7 miles on the treadmill.  3 miles of interval training, and then 4 miles of running.  Then Thursday Cleo and I did a 6 mile hill rain run.  Tons of hills, and it was raining.  It was a great run!!  We had plans to do 9  miles yesterday at the 10 10 course, but at 6 miles we I was good and done. 

I got home to 2 babies that were ready for naps.  After nap times Brandon was home and I headed to Topeka for a very needed relaxing evening with one of my dear friends.  I got home a little before midnight.

This week Brandon and I get to go to a movie.  We are going to see The Hunger Games.  I've heard wonderful things about it!  I can't wait for a date night with my hubby!! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yesterday I ran my first 10k.  My  heart was pounding on Friday night after I picked up my race packet.  I was so nervous. What had I gotten myself into?

Saturday morning I woke up at 4am...WTH?!?  I laid in bed until finally I got up and headed to the living room to watch T.V.  I turned on an infomercial knowing that I would fall asleep instantly once I turned it on.  However I sat there watching it...Finally at 6 Brandon left for work and I fell back asleep.

At 7:30 Miles woke up.  I fed him breakfast and did some laundry.  At 9 we headed for Manhattan.  We walked around and waited for some people I knew.  Finally Richard showed up.  We talked for awhile then the 2 mile race started.  Brandon showed up to watch Miles and it was time for me to warm up.
While I was waiting to line up Brandon captured some pictures of my St. Patrick's day 10k get up. 

 It was finally time to take off.
I was a bit scared because all of the long runs I have done recently I have done with someone.  Richard was going to run way faster than I was, so I was by myself.  I knew Kelle would be somewhere but I didn't know where.  Little did I know that she was about 10 feet behind me in the beginning.

Around mile 1 we finally found each other.  Thank GOODNESS!!  I knew I was right on the pace I wanted a 9 minute mile.  Kelle and I around mile 4 or so on Denison.  Running with someone definitely helps keep you on pace.  We talked, it totally helped me not think about my pace, the wind blowing in my face up a hill or how hot I was.   

 Then I saw it...the finish line!!  In true Katie fashion I kicked it in!!  All I heard was some girls yell "WAY TO GET IT, TUTU GIRL!"  Then the finish line!  My goal was under an hour, my 2nd goal was under 55 minutes.  I was sure I could do under an hour, but under 55 minutes was another story.  Especially with the hills and then wind.

And there you have it!!  54:43!!  I did it!  I made it under an hour, under 55 minutes.  The best
picture; I had just gotten the chip taken off and I told Brandon "I'm gonna puke."  BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!!  Knowing you pushed yourself so hard you are gonna hurl!!  (For the record I did not, I drank water and walked around and the feeling went away!)

Friday, March 16, 2012

13, 7, 9

I have been sucked into birthday party decoration making, I've been slacking on my blog.  I've made everything for Miles' party, just have to frost the cakes...which I will do tomorrow after the race. 

My running this week started or ended depending on how you view Sunday.  In our house it is the end of the week, because of how Brandon's schedule is.  It was a bit rainy...ok A LOT rainy Jo, Cate and I headed out.  I felt good.  It was a nice slow pace.  We were talking having a good time, until around mile 9 when the stomach cramps started.  We started running at 1...I had decided to eat breakfast late.  I CAN'T eat and then run.  My stomach just doesn't like it.  I plugged along until mile 10 when I had to walk.  Cate and Jo kept running.  I would hate to be the reason they stopped.  I walked until mile 12 and jogged a bit with a little bit of walking mixed in.  When I got back to Jo's house I was soaked and ready to go home. 

I got home jumped in the shower and left for a baby shower.  It was a great fun to see my dear friends celebrating their baby boy!! 

I took Monday off, my body definitely needed the break.  Tuesday Cleo messaged me and asked if I was up for 7 miles.  HECK YES!!  I didn't eat anything, except almonds and some cheese.  It was a great run.

Yesterday Jo and I decided to do 9 before she leaves for Denmark....which is today =(  We had decided to do it at race pace for our half marathon.  The first mile we did in 8:43....needless to say that was our fastest mile.  We walked and ran.  Did way more running than walking.  When I felt like walking she boosted my confidence by reminding me it is only a mile, and that I can reward myself after the run. 

I am ready for the 10k tomorrow!  I'm hoping to do it in under an hour....We shall see. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Granola Bars

A few days I made the post about the Granola Bars I had made and the post was empty.  Everything had disappeared....WEIRD. 

So today I decided to remake the granola bars because someone I ate them all.  So maybe I didn't eat them all.  I shared quite a few with Josie, and the kids and Brandon had their fair share.  I also shared some with my dad.  They are very addicting. 

Today I changed up the recipe from a few days ago.  I added dark chocolate chips...YUMMY
Here's all you need
 4 cups rolled oats
1/2 cup honey
3/4 cup peanut butter melted
2 tbsp Chia Seeds
 1 tbsp Flax Seeds
1/2 cup almond slices, or any other nut

you can add anything you'd like
Dry fruit
Chocolate chips
Anything else you want

Preheat your over to 350*
Grease a 9x13 pan
Mix the oats,  honey, chia seeds, flax seeds and nuts and any extras
Add in the peanut butter

You may have to work the dough with your hands to make sure it is nice and moist.  If it isn't just add more honey or peanut butter. 

Press into your pan and bake for 25 minutes

Let them cool for a little bit, the first one you cut into might fall apart. The rest after that come out nicely.  They are so yummy!!  The kids think they are dessert.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

High hopes

Today Josephine and I had high hopes of running the half marathon course.  It was windy okay more like a tornado.  So I may be over exaggerating a tiny bit but the winds were strong.  We both decided that a little wind wouldn't stop us.  It was 80*, we were going to take advantage of the weather.

We meet up and drive to Abilene.  We had a great conversation in the car, and we were both excited about the run.  We make it to the Eisenhower center and get out.  We take off heading South.  I felt like for every one step we took forward we would get pushed back five.  The first mile took over 12 minutes.  At mile two we were already at 28 minutes.  We debated on whether or not to turn around, but we both agreed to "try" to run it. 

We finally got to Brown Memorial Park and got to take a left turn putting the wind to our sides.  We just couldn't get into a good rhythm.  We walked and ran, ran and walked...probably did more walking than running.  We ran the loop through the Park and decided that was enough.  The half course is an out and back.  We just decided to go back.  We finished with 7 miles.  A 7 miles that we had to work hard for.

Once in the car we decided that we HAD to go to the gym and do Sprint training.  Yup neither of us were feeling that either.  So we just headed home.

Running is mental and with the wind blowing at 40-50mph into your face it is definitely a hard workout.  I am meeting up with Josephine and Cleo in the morning for Hills workout.  What am I thinking? 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A good run

Last night my dad called and asked if I was going to come out for a run in the morning.  I said of course.  He said we would probably do about 9 miles.  I agreed and said I'd be out at 9ish Sunday morning.

I get out to my parents house and my dad is there with his best friend.  His best friend said we would run about two hours.  It was a bit lot windy, otherwise it was perfect for running.  It was fairly warm, I of course over dressed because I am a chicken and would rather be too hot than too cold.  We went a way I've never been.  At mile 5 we turned around and went back the way we came.  I was feeling pretty good.  We went up this HUGE hill and decided to run around the state lake.

We came to the state lake and had to do some trail running.  We saw the really pretty waterfall.  If I had had my camera I would've taken some pictures.  We keep going and my dad's best friend gets this AMAZING idea for me to some sprint training.  The first two weren't that bad.  But we had already gone nine miles and my quads were KILLING me.  Then he decides to do a sprint up a hill into the wind.  Ummm yea I'm pretty sure my pretty mouth said some ugly words.  We get back to my parents house and we are at 11 and half miles.  I say I'm gonna keep going just to get 12 miles.  So we go a half mile.  I felt amazing.  I'm sure I could have ran another mile.   We finished 12 miles in 2:06 with an average pace of 10:33. 

I finally started party planning for Miles' birthday.  We were going to have it this weekend but I just kept pushing it off.  So I sucked it up and got my act together and we are having a party for Miles on the 18th.  Only a month after his birthday, but at least he will have a party.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 miler

Today Josephine and I went running again.  She is amazing at pushing me and keeping me going.  We went out to Eagle Ridge Trail, a 10 mile trail run.  We started and we both felt great.  As I was going I could definitely tell that I just ran 9 miles less than 48 hours before. 

At around mile 5 she said that this was the end of the trail and the way back was only about a mile.  We both agreed to turn around and go back the way we came.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I ended up walking some of the way back.  But as always Josephine kept pushing me.  We finally got to the end, where we were met by my "Uncle" my dad's best friend from high school.  He runs the trail and keeps it mowed and does the maintenance on the trail.  He told me that the next time we wanted to run it that he would take us the correct way so we get the full 10 miles. 

Josephine and I both did some stretching and then looked at our Garmin's.  We were at nine and half miles.  We both agreed that we needed to get the full 10 miles.  So we took off.  Found a small trail and ran it.  At exactly 10 miles we both started walking.  I believe that we are already ready for the half marathon. Or at least in six weeks we will be amazing and in fabulous shape. 

I am going to run it again before I register for the 10 10 race.  I just want to make sure that I am good and ready to run it.  It will be my last long run before the half marathon.  It's crazy to think that it is already six weeks out! 

Day 8 of lent...Still going strong.  I don't have any meat cravings.