Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Birthday!!

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I have been looking forward to it for a couple weeks. Spending the day with the kids, getting my eyebrows waxed, doing some shopping for some new clothes since I have nothing that fits, buying some new Wii games....

The day started off at 6am I was in a deep sleep dreaming that my cell phone was ringing. Dreaming that Brandon was calling, it was his ring tone after all. In 5.2 seconds I realize that my cell phone is ringing, that it is Brandon calling....the thoughts run through my head, he is calling to wish me a Happy birthday, no he said Happy Birthday to me when he left, he could have been in an accident. He commutes 30 minutes to work. I sit up in bed, he could have been in an accident. I run to the kitchen where my cell phone is and answer it. It is Brandon telling me he hit something and blew a tire. He had tried to change the tire but the jack broke. So I load up the kids and off we go. We get to Brandon take him to work. We get home around 7:15 and I figure that we would all go back to sleep for a couple more hours. No such luck they were up and ready for the day. I deep clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, do some laundry.

Around noon my mom comes over and we head to change the tire. She took me to a couple shops in town to find a purse...but I am picky purse person and couldn't find one I loved. We get to Brandon's car get it jacked up ( we are on the interstate, people going 70 mile an hour) and we can't get it off. My 4th grade teacher pulls up behind us and tries to help. Finally after 20 or so minutes a sweet guy who happens to be a mechanic pulls over to help. Our only problem was that we didn't have it jacked up high enough. He gets the tire off, puts the spare on and off he goes. I gave him Brandon's business card and gave him a free meal on Brandon.

My mom and I drive into Brandon's work and drop off his car and have some lunch. After lunch we decide to head home. The kids were grumpy and exhausted, I was grumpy and exhausted. We get home and the kids and I laid down to take a nap and they weren't going down. So we got up and played, did some more cleaning and waited for Brandon to get off work.

Brandon got off work and brought home some dinner. We ate dinner, played some Wii and we were in bed by 10.

Not the day I had planned, but it was a day.

The kids and I got up this morning and got Brandon's tire replaced. Now we are just hanging out at home, waiting for Brandon to get off work. We will probably do some grocery shopping and maybe go find some new Wii games to play.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Blessed Sunday!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Loving myself

In short 10 weeks I have fallen Madly in love with me!!

I love that I have such a supportive husband, supportive friends, and supportive family.

I love my new body.

I have come to terms that I may always have that baby skin that may never go away, but I have 2 beautiful children who will love me with or without that baby pudge.

I love that my husband loves me now matter how big or small I am.

I love that I have energy!! Energy to want to workout, Energy to play with my babies!!

I love that I have learned how to eat healthy.

We are working hard to look better, to feel better, to raise a healthy family!! I LOVE IT!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

10 weeks

10 weeks in and I am 158lbs, 1lbs away from 30lbs, 3 lbs away from my goal of 155lbs. My birthday is on Saturday and I am hoping to be at 155. It'll be tough since I haven't been losing a huge amount weight in a week. However, I am going to give it my all and push myself.

I am in size 11's I can fit in size 9's but they are a little tight. I am hoping that size 9's will fit this summer.

Brandon's sister is getting married in October in Maryland. I am so stoked about going. It'll be a nice break for us. We are going to go a couple days before and stay for a couple days after so we can go sight seeing. I am hoping that I can make it there for a Bridal shower, or maybe a little break with the kids.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The best news ever!

Brandon and I started dating in April of 2008. Lacey was just 9 months old. Brandon and Lacey bonded instantly. A love that was truly amazing. Brandon loved Lacey long before he loved me. He told us both at the same time that he loved us. A moment I will never forget.

Lacey's biological father left us when Lacey was just 3 weeks old. It almost killed me to watch him walk away. Thinking that I will never find love again. How could anyone walk away from this beautiful baby girl that he helped create? I couldn't imagine.

Brandon has always wanted to adopt Lacey, but my Ex would never sign over his rights. Well in September of 2010 my Ex went to jail for Domestic Violence, Child Endangerment, and Intimidation of a witness. I tried to go speak with him after getting a letter saying he doesn't want to pay child support, he refused to see me. He called me the day after Thanksgiving asking me a bunch of stupid questions, not one of them was about how his daughter was doing. The week of Christmas I got a phone call from my lawyer saying Gene's lawyer had just called and his mom is ready for him to sign over his rights!!

Today we are going to sign the adoption papers! GOD IS GOOD!! This is the best birthday present ever!! It may be 9 days early, but it is the best gift EVER!!

P.S. I am down to 159!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


I needed some motivation this morning. While I weighed in a lbs less than I did yesterday I just needed something to pick me up. I haven't missed a day working out in 3 weeks. Why am I not
kicking my weights Butt?!?!? So I took a picture of myself. Dec. 31st 164lbs Jan. 17th 161lbs

This was enough motivation for me!! I am getting my defined, my waist is getting smaller...I'll keep pushing myself!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Insane Week

This week has been crazy busy.

On Monday we had a snow day!! Which we enjoyed A LOT!! We went out to my parents and took Lacey sledding. Her and I had so much fun!!

On Tuesday my mom calls and says that my dad has a broken Patella, and that he was having surgery at 10am on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday Lacey and I get up and get ready to head to the hospital. We get there at 9:55 thinking we had 5 minutes with my dad. Well he didn't go back until nearly 12:00, we went and had lunch and sat around the hospital. Brandon and Miles joined us for lunch. At 1:15 we got to go back and see him. At 2 we decide it is time to go.

It was Brandon's Grandma's 80th birthday, and the family was having a huge 80th birthday party for her in KC. We head into KC and enjoy a wonderful birthday party.

Brandon's Grandma with all the Grandkids and Great Grandkids
Brandon , Miles and I with his Aunt D'Ann, Uncle Matt, and 2 cousins Brent and Kaylan

We got home from KC around 1am. Thursday morning I had to work.
After work I went out to my parents house to sit with my dad. It was my mom's birthday and she had decided to stay home with my dad. I took out the Wii and we had a great day playing the Wii, and just hanging out.

Friday morning I had to work. While I was getting ready for work Lacey informs me that she doesn't feel good. She was running a fever and throwing up. After work I spent the day just relaxing with the kids.

Saturday I went to work once again. I took the kids out to my parents house. I picked up Miles after work and we came home and napped. We then went to Manhattan for dinner with my little sister and her boyfriend, my parents and my Grandma. It was my Grandma's 81st birthday. Then my little sister and her boyfriend, the kids and I go to Orange Leaf for Low Fat Self Serve Yogurt. It was so yummy!! The kids and I are taking Brandon to "Orangies" on Wednesday.

Today I am doing nothing but cleaning and laundry. When Brandon gets off work we are doing some grocery shopping.

I am down to 161-163. It really depends on the day. My clothes are fitting better, I am feeling great about myself. I have been working out everyday. I wish I could get rid of this congestion so I could get on the treadmill, but I hate running and not being able to breathe!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


It finally snowed!! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for snow. I love snow. I love how pretty it is. It makes everything look so peaceful. Lacey has been begging me since she got up at 7:30 to go out and play in it. Finally at 9:30 I said we could go.
We got all bundled up
And headed out
Miles hated it, Lacey loved it and could have spent all day out there if I would have let her. She did call my mom and dad and told them to come get her so they can take her sledding. Who knows I may just go with them so I too can go sledding.
Even though today was a Snow Day I did find time to workout. I did strength training on the Wii. I do 3o mins of strength training every other day. I do find myself getting stronger. I am able to hold positions longer and able to do more than before. I also shoveled the side walk and drive way. It took about 30 minutes. Which counts as a workout!! I have made it down to 162...Down 2 lbs. Hopefully I am finally off of my plateau!! Tomorrow is Wii Yoga and The Wave by The Firm.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Working out

To keep me motivated I will blog about my workouts.
I have been regularly doing Wii Fit. I get a workout in every day. I can safely say I have hit a plateau at 164. I guess I need to amp up my workout, or redo my eating. It is not discouraging. Especially since I just went out and bought a size 11 pair of jeggings. It has been 5 years since I was a size 11.
Thomas Everything Bagel thins are AMAZING!! 110 calories add some fat free cream cheese 30 calories for 2 tablespoons=an amazing breakfast!!
Tomorrow night we are having one of our favorite meals, mini pizzas!! We bought Thomas Multi-Gran English muffins 100 calories for 1. Turkey pepperoni 80 calories for 15. Ragu pizza sauce, mushrooms, green peppers, olives, onions, and fat free cheese 8o calories for a 1/4 cup. I am super excited to see how they turn out.

Now before and after pictures

The 1st picture was taken in May the day we moved 187lbs, and the most recent one was taken on New Year's Eve 164lbs.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Recap

2010 was a great year.
In February we welcomed Miles Evan
36 weeks

Daddy and Miles right after he was born

Our 1st family picture as a family of 4

In April we celebrated Brandon's 33rd Birthday with family at Dave and Busters

In April we also celebrated the birth of Miles with friends and family

In May we moved back to my home town

A little home improvement on the house we moved into

In July we went on a family vacation to Table Rock Lake

Miles ready to get into the water

Brandon and I down on the dock

We also celebrated Lacey's 3rd Birthday

In August Lacey started Pre-School at Saint Xavier
Her 1st day of school

In October we celebrated Halloween

December was Christmas

In 2010 Miles grew from a non mobile newborn to a full fledged walking 10 month old
Lacey talks more and wants to be more active

2011 is already starting out promising!!
With Brandon getting a promotion from Assistant Manager to General Manager.

With a phone call from the lawyer saying Gene is willing to sign over his rights.
Family vacations already planned...a trip to Maryland for Brandon's sister's wedding, our family trip to Table Rock Lake, and maybe another vacation to Boston to visit Brandon's Step Mom.
A visit from Brandon's step mom and sister
Brandon and I's Church wedding.
Miles' 1st birthday
Lacey's 4th birthday
Me becoming an Aunt
Lots of friends having babies
It will be a very busy year for the Kidwell Klan