Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Birthday!!

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I have been looking forward to it for a couple weeks. Spending the day with the kids, getting my eyebrows waxed, doing some shopping for some new clothes since I have nothing that fits, buying some new Wii games....

The day started off at 6am I was in a deep sleep dreaming that my cell phone was ringing. Dreaming that Brandon was calling, it was his ring tone after all. In 5.2 seconds I realize that my cell phone is ringing, that it is Brandon calling....the thoughts run through my head, he is calling to wish me a Happy birthday, no he said Happy Birthday to me when he left, he could have been in an accident. He commutes 30 minutes to work. I sit up in bed, he could have been in an accident. I run to the kitchen where my cell phone is and answer it. It is Brandon telling me he hit something and blew a tire. He had tried to change the tire but the jack broke. So I load up the kids and off we go. We get to Brandon take him to work. We get home around 7:15 and I figure that we would all go back to sleep for a couple more hours. No such luck they were up and ready for the day. I deep clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, do some laundry.

Around noon my mom comes over and we head to change the tire. She took me to a couple shops in town to find a purse...but I am picky purse person and couldn't find one I loved. We get to Brandon's car get it jacked up ( we are on the interstate, people going 70 mile an hour) and we can't get it off. My 4th grade teacher pulls up behind us and tries to help. Finally after 20 or so minutes a sweet guy who happens to be a mechanic pulls over to help. Our only problem was that we didn't have it jacked up high enough. He gets the tire off, puts the spare on and off he goes. I gave him Brandon's business card and gave him a free meal on Brandon.

My mom and I drive into Brandon's work and drop off his car and have some lunch. After lunch we decide to head home. The kids were grumpy and exhausted, I was grumpy and exhausted. We get home and the kids and I laid down to take a nap and they weren't going down. So we got up and played, did some more cleaning and waited for Brandon to get off work.

Brandon got off work and brought home some dinner. We ate dinner, played some Wii and we were in bed by 10.

Not the day I had planned, but it was a day.

The kids and I got up this morning and got Brandon's tire replaced. Now we are just hanging out at home, waiting for Brandon to get off work. We will probably do some grocery shopping and maybe go find some new Wii games to play.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Blessed Sunday!!

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    Even when life gets in the way, just remember it was your special day! :)
    You are loved!