Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Recap

2010 was a great year.
In February we welcomed Miles Evan
36 weeks

Daddy and Miles right after he was born

Our 1st family picture as a family of 4

In April we celebrated Brandon's 33rd Birthday with family at Dave and Busters

In April we also celebrated the birth of Miles with friends and family

In May we moved back to my home town

A little home improvement on the house we moved into

In July we went on a family vacation to Table Rock Lake

Miles ready to get into the water

Brandon and I down on the dock

We also celebrated Lacey's 3rd Birthday

In August Lacey started Pre-School at Saint Xavier
Her 1st day of school

In October we celebrated Halloween

December was Christmas

In 2010 Miles grew from a non mobile newborn to a full fledged walking 10 month old
Lacey talks more and wants to be more active

2011 is already starting out promising!!
With Brandon getting a promotion from Assistant Manager to General Manager.

With a phone call from the lawyer saying Gene is willing to sign over his rights.
Family vacations already planned...a trip to Maryland for Brandon's sister's wedding, our family trip to Table Rock Lake, and maybe another vacation to Boston to visit Brandon's Step Mom.
A visit from Brandon's step mom and sister
Brandon and I's Church wedding.
Miles' 1st birthday
Lacey's 4th birthday
Me becoming an Aunt
Lots of friends having babies
It will be a very busy year for the Kidwell Klan

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