Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation in January

On Sunday the kids and I went to breakfast at Brandon's work. Having the kids up at 7 we are able to go out to breakfast!! Anywho while enjoying our breakfast Brandon's boss was there. Her and I have a little inside joke about being BFF's because she works to much to have any friends and I don't have any friends because my husband works too much. So her and I decided that we could become best friends. Well she said if you promise to keep it a secret I'll let you know what the talk of the GM retreat has been....I'm waiting in suspense

The thoughts run through my mind of the last GM retreat...the one I couldn't go on because I was 8 months pregnant, the one that Brandon was going to take my mom with him, and the one that Brandon didn't get to go on because 1 month before they were going to go the company had a change of plans for Brandon A) Brandon becoming an Assistant Manager in JC and being closer to my family, or B) Brandon could stay in Ottawa and be the Assistant Manager C) Brandon leaves the company...being 7 months pregnant C was out the window, B was out the window because I hated it there...so taking the demotion and moving back to family was the best choice for us.

I know not to get too excited because things can change, life happens. However the chances of the company moving us again isn't very likely. So I'm not 100% excited but it's my motivation to lose 12 more lbs and get myself bikini body ready!!

Emily whispers the talk is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!! Brandon says 4 years ago they went to Puerto Vallarta and it was amazing!! I can't wait for a week away with my hubby without the kids!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A week

It's amazing how fast the weeks go by. My oh my what a week it's been. Lacey started her 1st day of her last year of pre-school. (tear) She only goes 3 days a week MWF, and it's only for 3 hours, but those 9 hours she is gone seem like a lifetime. She is getting better already at writing her name her letters actually look like "Lacey" and not La....whatever else she adds to it. She is also picking out some letters. I've worked on the alphabet with her but she really had no interest in what the letters looke like. All she cares about is soccer, riding her bike, and playing outside. On September 3rd she is going to her very first KU football game!! ROCK CHALK!!

Miles misses his sissy while she is gone. This week he learned the words "Lacey" sounds more like Acey, shoe which sounds like shoooo, and chicken and it sounds like Chickhen. For the very first time he went by himself without mommy, daddy, or Lacey to my parents house after school. It only lasted 2 hours before he wanted mommy, but it was nice. Since Miles is officially weaned our schedule has really changed. Our days before normally started at 8:30 or 9. Now they start at 6:30 or 7. Which is fine because Lacey has to be school at 7:40. It's better all around!! Get up earlier, nap earlier, go to bed earlier!!

I've been working out like crazy this week, not losing any weight but gaining strength and indurance. My runs are longer and faster, the workouts that started off hard are getting easier (I started P90X Plyometerics, and Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones). My best friend told me to stay off the scale. As a personal trainer she says it's not about the number it's about how you feel. She took my measurements and was amazed!! Her and I can actually share clothes!!

I've only been allowing myself maybe an hour a day on the computer, it's amazing how as first I thought it would be difficult to stay away, but by day 3 I was finding it hard to find time for the computer. Since I've been off the computer I picked up the book "The Help." After hearing people talk about it I figured I would buy it and read it. So far it's a really good book!!

Well my time on the computer is over, the laundry needs done, and the house needs straightened back up!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Taking a nice break

On Sunday I decided that while the kids were up I would stay away from the computer, keep off of all the fun stuff on the Smart phone and spend time being a mommy and a wife. I would only allow myself on the computer during nap time or bed time, and after my workout. My what a change it has made!! I am getting all my chores done 1st thing in the morning, getting a workout in, getting some time in with my best friend Neva, doing fun activities with the kids, spending more quality time with my hubby...I don't even find time to get on it when the kids go to bed. Now even when I get on the computer I wonder how it ever consumed so much time, and really don't have much to do on it.

So if I don't update as often, or take a month break everything is fine, I'm just enjoying the last year before Lacey's in Kindergarten, and enjoying the time I have as a stay at home mommy!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Miles is officially weaned. Our schedule has completely changed but we made it through it!! He is talking so much more.

Last week was crazy, my precious sweet little girl drew a 6 foot red alligator on her pink walls. Stuck gum in her hair not once but twice, and gave Miles a black eye with a hair brush.

However last night the same sweet precious girl after 3 years of calling herself "Wacey" officially says "Lacey". We've been working on the L's FOREVER. She is probably the proudest I have ever seen her. Brandon and I are so proud.

Monday starts Lacey's 1st day of her last year of preschool.

5 more weeks and we will be on our way to Maryland for a week!! YAHOO!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

People and the things they say

After much debate "we" I have decided to wean Miles. Brandon and I have always agreed that I would nurse for as long as I wanted. My initial nursing goal was 3 months, when we made it to 3 months, I decided 6 months, at 6 months it was 3 more months, at 9 months I figured hey why not just go to a year. At 12 months Brandon and I agreed that I it would be a day to day kinda deal....We often joked that Miles would be a senior in high school still nursing.

Day 1 was tough, I sat with him crying with him. Wishing I could make him understand that I'm not being a mean mommy. I asked some advice from the experts, my 2 good girl friends Julie who breastfed her son Jack for a over a year and Neva who breastfed her son Aven for over a year. They both assured me that it would get easier, and that they were there if I need to cry, or some more advice. Thanks Julie and Neva. You are both my lifesavers!! Miles screamed, thew the biggest tantrums I have ever seen (by him.) Lacey has been known to throw some pretty big tantrums. I tried to keep us busy. By the time Brandon got home Miles was ready for bed. Brandon rocked Miles to sleep and he slept all night until 8 this morning.

Day 1=Success

Day 2 we aren't done with day 2 however it's gone fairly well. I think I'm in more pain then Miles is....It's been a good day. He took a 30 minute nap, and is now asleep again. Whatever works. Luckily my mom came and took Lacey!!

Getting to almost 18 months of breastfeeding hasn't been easy. It's had it's ups and downs. The midnight run to Wal-Mart to buy a can of formula, and a new bottle, the clogged milk ducts, the pumping for hours, worrying about my supply, being the only one able to feed Miles, but every single day has been worth it!! It helped me lose tons of weight, helped keep my little man healthy, kept my menstual cycle away for 16 months...I was period free for 25 months!!

Now on to the crazy things people say. It starts when you are pregnant, they tell you how huge you are, how tiny you are, that they wouldn't do this, but do that instead. When they are born it's like you are asking for unsolicited advice. Strangers stop you in the store to tell you how to parent, what to feed your kids, what sippy cup to use, to rearface your baby in the carseat until they are teenagers. I am their parent I will decide what I think is best for them. Whether you agree with it or not. The last time I checked my kids didn't come with an instruction manual. (Iwishtheydid)

I don't make it known a lot that I still breastfed. If someone asks I'll tell them. When they ask how old Miles is and I told them 17 months, they say "you really breastfed for that long? That's a long time. Way longer then I would have done it." I say "yes I know how long I've nursed him, I gave birth to him 1 year, 5 months, and 10 days ago. 524 days ago, if you want that in hour, minutes, and seconds I can give that to you as well." Oky well I never really said that, but that's what I was thinking.I've had women look at me like their appalled, one mom joked that I was going to be like the mom from the movie "Grown Ups" where my son is 4 and still breastfeeding. One mom asked if I wanted award for breastfeeding the longest. I looked at her and said nope I got it already...he is a healthy, active, happy 17 month old.

I know that breastfeeding isn't for everyone. I don't try to push it on people, if they want to formula feed go right ahead. You are your child's parent not me!! You may not agree with my parenting skills or lack there of, and I may not agree with yours...however we are mommy's, or parents....can we just respect one another???