Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation in January

On Sunday the kids and I went to breakfast at Brandon's work. Having the kids up at 7 we are able to go out to breakfast!! Anywho while enjoying our breakfast Brandon's boss was there. Her and I have a little inside joke about being BFF's because she works to much to have any friends and I don't have any friends because my husband works too much. So her and I decided that we could become best friends. Well she said if you promise to keep it a secret I'll let you know what the talk of the GM retreat has been....I'm waiting in suspense

The thoughts run through my mind of the last GM retreat...the one I couldn't go on because I was 8 months pregnant, the one that Brandon was going to take my mom with him, and the one that Brandon didn't get to go on because 1 month before they were going to go the company had a change of plans for Brandon A) Brandon becoming an Assistant Manager in JC and being closer to my family, or B) Brandon could stay in Ottawa and be the Assistant Manager C) Brandon leaves the company...being 7 months pregnant C was out the window, B was out the window because I hated it there...so taking the demotion and moving back to family was the best choice for us.

I know not to get too excited because things can change, life happens. However the chances of the company moving us again isn't very likely. So I'm not 100% excited but it's my motivation to lose 12 more lbs and get myself bikini body ready!!

Emily whispers the talk is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!! Brandon says 4 years ago they went to Puerto Vallarta and it was amazing!! I can't wait for a week away with my hubby without the kids!!

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