Friday, September 23, 2011

Half Marathon

So I have decided to run the Half Marathon. It will be almost exactly 1 year from the time my weight loss journey began. How PERFECT!! In a year I've gone from an overweight stay at home mommy, to a fit, healthy, running staying at home mommy. My goal isn't a time goal, my goal is to finish. A quote I found on Pinterest (my newest addiction) Dead last is greater than did not finish which trumps did not start. Absolutely perfect!!! It's not about the speed, it's about doing it!

I started training for the half yesterday. My longest run was 4 miles. I figured adding a mile a week would put me at 13 miles the week of the half. My girlfriend came over and we went running. Before the run I had mapped out 5 miles. We got to 4 and 1/2 miles and my friend said lets add a mile, lets do a 10k. I laughed and took off we ran 6.08 miles in a little over an hour. My goal for next week, yes while we are on vacation is to hit 7 miles.

Thanks to whoever introduced me to Pinterest....I am truly addicted, we are going to be doing so many crafts when it gets cold. Plus I may just decorate my house.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Have I lost my mind

Here we are 8 days out before we leave for Maryland. 8 days....My list of things to do and pack grows by a mile each day. I cross 1 thing off add 3 more. I'm super excited about our vacation but at the same time I'm overly stressed out. I crossed a bunch off the list today!! HOOORAY!! Got my shoes, and a new clutch for the wedding. Got a pedi this morning, and Lacey got her haircut. We vacuumed out the car, and washed Miles' carseat. I've been on more in the past week looking at the weather for MD then I have ever been on in my life. The weather is like the weather here so we should be fine packing what the kids are wearing now.

Now one to losing my mind. I've been running more and more. Running the longest and furthest I've ever run, adding more distance every run. I've not lost any weight and stay steady at 146, which is perfect for me!! But now that I'm running more I want to run a half marathon. Yes 13.1 miles....I've got a lot of training to do, but I think I can do it!! I'm really good at pacing myself, and when my body tells me to slow down I slow down. I think I just may do it!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall weather

Two of my favorite time during the year is when the 100* weather finally goes away and we can open the windows in the house, and when the -32* weather goes away and we can open the windows. There is something so refreshing about it cooling down. Knowing the kids and I can go play outside and not die of a heat stroke, or freeze to death.

We had a super busy great Labor day weekend. On Saturday Lacey got to venture to her 1st KU football game with my in laws. She had a good time. We met them in Topeka which is our half way point. After Miles and I dropped her off him and I headed to the mall.

End of summer and winter sales are probably my favorite!! I love all the clearance!! Our 1st stop was to Dillards. I still hadn't found a dress for my Sister in laws wedding that's fast like 3 weeks. I started with 10,478,532 dresses. I found 1 dress that I liked and 1 that I loved!! I bought them both because lets face it when they are 65% off plus an additional 50% off the 65% you can't not buy both.

While we were in Dillards I figured I would go searching for something for Miles to wear for the wedding. The smallest size they had in a cute little suit was a 2T that would drown him. I asked the lady if they had anything smaller and she said that the smallest they carry is 2T. She did say "I'm telling you this but I'm not saying it, Burlington Coat Factory has some, and they are probably way cheaper there too."

She was right!! I had tons of choices, tons of different colors, tons of different styles. Did I mention the price of $14.99. SOLD!! When I got up to the register to checkout thinking I found a steal of a deal the lady gave me a 20% off coupon!!

The last thing on my list to check off was Ivory shoes for Lacey. I had found some awhile back probably 4 months ago, but didn't buy them for fear that Lacey's feet would grow and the size 10's would be way to small. Well fast foward 4 months her feet haven't grown but the size 10 Ivory shoes are impossible to find. After having a meltdown and freaking out I decided that no matter the price or the location I would find Ivory shoes.

I went to JcPenney hoping and praying that they would have Ivory shoes...the lady laughed at me, kinda. She said "Not in kid sizes, and not in adult sizes either." My heart sank, I'm striking out everywhere I go. I kept looking around because maybe this chick has no clue what she is talking about...and there sitting on a shelf was a pair of shoes, the perfect pair of shoes. The size I needed, the color I needed, and well the price was perfect. $12 on clearance!! Okay so maybe they weren't ivory or a size 10 but they were black and a size 6!! Perfect for Miles' outfit!

Our last stop was Payless Shoes. They have to have Ivory shoes right?!?! I mean how can a shoe store that specializes in shoes not have Ivory shoes? I went to Lacey size and wouldn't you know it they had 2 sizes too small and 2 sizes too big. My heart sank. The lady came over and asked if she could help me with anything. I told her that I need a size 10 pair of Ivory shoes. She goes back to the back room comes back and asks "How far are you willing to travel to get these Ivory shoes?" I laughed and said "I'm willing to travel across the U.S.A to find these shoes." Her reply "So driving across the street to the Payless store there won't be any problem?" I wanted to hug her!! She handed me a coupon for $4 off because they didn't have them in stock made it even better!

That night Brandon came home and I showed him both dresses. He picked out one that he liked the best and I returned the other one. On Monday I returned the dress and with it being Labor Day they still had their sales going on. I found a swim suit for next season that was 65% plus the additional 50% off. $18 for a tankini it doesn't get much better than that!! I also found a super cute skirt that was on clearance for $6.99 plus an additional 50% off!! Thank you Dillards!! You made my weekend!!