Monday, June 25, 2012

New shoes!!

I don't think that there is anything that makes a runner more excited then new running gear!!  Whether it be shorts, a new top or new shoes!!  It always makes me want to get out and go run.  On Saturday my friend and I went to MRC and I tried on a couple pairs of shoes.  I decided not to buy a pair because I was sure I could find them cheaper.  After spending hours online I decided that yes I could very easily get them cheaper however I need to support a local business. 

Today was the day I decided to go buy them.  I was going to buy two of the same pairs, but when talking to Josephine she told me that I should go with two different pairs. 

I can't wait to go running in them!!  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Shin splints for real?!?

It's been a crazy few weeks. 

But my shin pain was of course shin splints, which isn't cured, but when my quads hurt worse than my shins I think we're okay!!  It just takes Aspercreme, ice and a prescription for Aspirin.

 My Mother in law is super sweet and when I told her about my shin pain and how now looking back the cause may be my remember my new running shoes back in January?  

Yes the pain has been there since February (Jaw Dropper)....Anywho my Mother in law told me she was going to the bank and putting money in our checking account so I could buy myself a new pair of shoes.  I told her there was no need to that because I was planning on buying a new pair anyway because IT IS TIME!!  But she insisted and said buy 2 new pairs.  So I am going tomorrow with my friend and buying 2 new pair of running shoes.  

Yesterday I was told I am getting a dollar raise at work!! WOOHOO!!  One month at my new job and I'm already getting a raise.  I am loving my job.  It is laid back, fun, and gets me out of the house!!

Well that is all for now.  I have a 7 miler scheduled tomorrow morning at 7, followed by boot camp.  I am also registering for the Freedom Run 10k on the 4th!!  


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I've been training hard.  Getting my mile time under 8 minutes for more than 1 mile.  Monday I ran 4 miles with an average of 7:58!! 

My shins (or tibia bone) have been giving me fits.  I stretch, ice, stretch, ice...and the pain never goes away.  I had Brandon rub my legs down last night 12 hours after my run and rubbing them moved me to tears.  Today they still hurt.  Brandon ran to Manhattan Running Company for me to see if maybe compression socks, or new shoes would be needed.  Brandon explained everything that was wrong and the owner said "If the pain is still there hours after the run, it is probably something more wrong." 

I took today off and called the Dr.  Hopefully it is nothing wrong, or if there is something wrong it is something that can be taken care without me losing too many training days.  I already feel guilty about taking today off and probably the rest of the week.  But taking a week off to heal is better than taking a month off because of an injury I could have prevented.  I go to the Dr. on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed it isn't too serious!!