Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I've been training hard.  Getting my mile time under 8 minutes for more than 1 mile.  Monday I ran 4 miles with an average of 7:58!! 

My shins (or tibia bone) have been giving me fits.  I stretch, ice, stretch, ice...and the pain never goes away.  I had Brandon rub my legs down last night 12 hours after my run and rubbing them moved me to tears.  Today they still hurt.  Brandon ran to Manhattan Running Company for me to see if maybe compression socks, or new shoes would be needed.  Brandon explained everything that was wrong and the owner said "If the pain is still there hours after the run, it is probably something more wrong." 

I took today off and called the Dr.  Hopefully it is nothing wrong, or if there is something wrong it is something that can be taken care without me losing too many training days.  I already feel guilty about taking today off and probably the rest of the week.  But taking a week off to heal is better than taking a month off because of an injury I could have prevented.  I go to the Dr. on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed it isn't too serious!! 


  1. :( that stinks.....hopefully you can get feeling some relief soon

  2. You times are AMAZING! Take care of yourself....better to go get things checked out and heal now. Overtraining bit me hard once too and I had to learn it's now how much I run...but the quality of my runs. Hang in there! :)

  3. Sending a prayer your way!
    I'm so sorry you are hurting.