Monday, April 22, 2013

Dallas Rock N Roll and Eisenhower 10k and this is and that

So I have been slightly slacking.  I started this post last week Monday but didn't get to finish it.  I don't have the right things to say, or know how to get my feelings on paper.  My heart is completely broken.  Even a week later I am devastated still.  I am part of a small yet extremely amazing group of people.  People who cheer for you, people no matter how slow or how fast they are going want you to succeed.  They are extraordinary people.  It is a sport where we all are running for ourselves.  The races we run we run for ourselves.  I have made some amazing friends because of running, friends I would've never met.

  Races are where we come together to support one another, to push each other.  Races are our safe place, running is our safe place, a place where we run out are problems, a place where we find our comfort.  How dare someone take our safe place from us!!  The Boston Marathon is the Super Bowl of the running world.  It is where the Elite of the Elite run.  Just about every marathon runner dreams of the day they will qualify to run in Boston.  This didn't destroy the running community, it drew us together, everyone around the world that runs dedicated one or more of their runs to Boston.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that was affected by Boston.

Now on to a couple of races...

 In March I got to fly to Dallas and run the Rock N Roll Dallas half with my good friend Steph.  I was looking so forward to being South of KS.  The weather was looking amazing for the weekend I was going to be there, that is until the morning I flew out.  It was freezing and snowing in KS the day I left, I get to Dallas and it is cloudy, and rainy.  Steph and her Fiance Steven pick me up from the airport. They took me to Whataburger for lunch, my favorite fastfood  place to eat (we don't have them up here)  We go and I check into my hotel which the room was amazing.  We go to the expo to pick up my packet and I bought a new pair of running shoes. We walked around the expo for awhile.  Then headed back to the hotel.  We sat around the bar and had a couple of drinks then headed to the hotel restaurant to have some dinner.

The next morning we woke up and headed to the start line.  IT WAS COLD and WINDY!!!  I was wearing capri's and a jacket and I was freezing!!  Luckily Steven had a hoody that he gave me and someone had taken off some sweats and left them on the side.  I put them on finally warmed up.  It was so nice running this race with Steph and Steven.  I didn't have any goals just to help Steph PR and enjoy the beautiful Dallas scenery.  We ran and walked, and talked.  It was an amazing race and Steph PR'd by 13 minutes!  I am so proud of her!!  After the race we headed back to the hotel and Steph and Steven left to head back to Houston and I went and had an amazing facial, mani and pedi.  Monday morning I headed back to Kansas.  It was an amazing nice relaxing weekend.

On April 13th my mom's friend Carla and I ran the Eisenhower 10k.  I ran it for Carla.  I paced her to help her finish in goal time of 1:15.  I told her that we could do it in 1:10. We got to Abilene at 7:00 right as the marathoners and 1/2 marathoners were starting.  We warmed up and got lined up.  We had a blast running the out and back course.  I kept our pace and Carla kept her watch covered.  I knew that we were going to crush the 1:15 goal and knew that 1:10 would be crushed too.  Carla said she was feeling tired around the turn around, but I reminded her that we would be half way done.  And that we could slow it down around mile 4 if we needed too.  She didn't slow down and we kept on trucking.  At mile 5 she was ready to slow down I told her we only had a mile left and once we crossed the finish line I would let her walk.  We finished holding hands and I showed her my watch.  I thought she was going to fall out!  Carla got 1st in her age group! I  am so proud of her!

After Eisenhower we went and had breakfast and talked to some of the other runners that had finished the marathon and 1/2.  One of the guys I talked to is from Wichita and talked me into registering for the Hospital Hill Half in KC on June 1st.  So when I got home I called Brandon and we registered for the Hospital Hill half on Saturday night.

After the events on Monday I decided that I needed, wanted to run another marathon.  After much debate I came to the conclusion that I am going to run the KC Marathon again in October.  I will continue my half  training straight into a full training.  Hopefully this will prepare me better this year.

Up next is the Warrior Dash with Brandon on Saturday!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's been a long while

It has been a while since I've blogged.  I kinda went on a blog hiatus.  My laptop crashed the middle of December and I didn't get it replaced until after the new year.  Then I really had nothing to write about.  The kids are still sweet and cute.  We took Lacey to Disney World in February and she we had an amazing time.  I loved being able to watch her face and spoil her rotten.

I decided not to run a marathon in April.  In fact I took a long break from running.  I would still run but it would be a mile or two.  My body definitely needed the break.  I gained almost 20lbs from last year and have been able to get 13 of those pounds off, since the 1st of the year.

I started a 100 day challenge and today marks days 74 of working out every day.  Some days are hard workouts, other days are lighter workouts but at least 30 minutes of raising my heart rate.  It has been a fun challenge and now it is more of a lifestyle to workout daily.

Another challenge Brandon and I started was a clean eating challenge.  We eat very little processed food and it is amazing the changes your body makes and how fast your body changes.  I have cheat days but for the majority of the time we eat very clean.

Now onto my 1st race of the year!  Last year by this time I had 3 races done for the year.  This is the longest I have gone without racing since I started running. I have been running, running shorter distances, doing lots of intervals to increase my speed, in fact the first time I ran 6.2 this year was on Monday March 11th.  I ran that 6.2 in 10 seconds slower then my PR last year.  So my only goal for this year was to break my time of 54:38 from last year.

I registered me, Brandon and my boss Tom.  Tom said that he would help me PR.  I told him that my average pace to PR needed to be 8:30.  Tom and I carpooled over and since Brandon was working he met us there.  I met up with my friend Bryan (the one I ran the full with) I said "I'm just gonna hang with Bryan."  I think it came out wrong, because what I meant was if I run with Bryan I will for sure PR because he has been working on speed and he had a goal of PR'ing!

The race started and I felt great.  I told Tom that I wasn't going to look at my watch so I would have no clue where we were pace wise.  It was cold, much colder then last year.  Last year I wore shorts and a tank, this year was leggings, a t-shirt, and a jacket.  We got to mile one and were at 8:22.  Right on track to PR.  It was windy and Tom got in front of me telling me to stay on his heels and he will block the wind.  We hit mile 2 on Denison.  The lady yelled out 16:20, still on track to PR.  We get to the turn around and finally have the tail wind!  I am feeling drained.  We hit 3 miles at 24:22.  At this point I can no longer do math because I swear I have lost time and am no longer going to PR.  Tom tells me I have to pick up the pace if I want to PR.  At mile 4 he tells me that I have lost 7 seconds and I need to make it up if I want to PR.  I beast up the hill going through campus knowing that I have time to make up.   Mile 5 Tom tells me that at the pace I am going I will break 50 minutes.  I had no clue that we were running that fast.  Mile 5 to 6, I slow down.  I had nothing left I was spent!!  We run around the park and Tom kept pushing me.  I see the finish line an I try to kick it in but I honestly had nothing left.  I crossed the line in 50:36.  An average mile of 8:09.  4 minutes 2 seconds faster then my PR last year.  I wanted to cry, throw up, pass out.  I gave Tom the biggest hug and thanked him numerous times.  He said I didn't do anything just pushed me to my potential.

Tom: My own personal pacer.  Helping me crush my goal!  
Bryan who Pr'd in both the 2 mile run and the 10k!  He is such a great motivator and friend!  

My wonderful handsome hubby who  pushes me!
I love him!  
We watch Bryan cross the finish, he PR'd!  I was so happy for him!  Then we watched Brandon finish in 59:05 crushing his goal of an hour.  I am so proud of both of these guys!

Yesterday was exactly what I needed.  I am a wee bit sore today, but it is an amazing feeling.  I now know that I can push myself to uncomfortable paces and that my body can handle it!  Look out Freedom Run 10k I am going to break 50!!