Saturday, August 20, 2011

A week

It's amazing how fast the weeks go by. My oh my what a week it's been. Lacey started her 1st day of her last year of pre-school. (tear) She only goes 3 days a week MWF, and it's only for 3 hours, but those 9 hours she is gone seem like a lifetime. She is getting better already at writing her name her letters actually look like "Lacey" and not La....whatever else she adds to it. She is also picking out some letters. I've worked on the alphabet with her but she really had no interest in what the letters looke like. All she cares about is soccer, riding her bike, and playing outside. On September 3rd she is going to her very first KU football game!! ROCK CHALK!!

Miles misses his sissy while she is gone. This week he learned the words "Lacey" sounds more like Acey, shoe which sounds like shoooo, and chicken and it sounds like Chickhen. For the very first time he went by himself without mommy, daddy, or Lacey to my parents house after school. It only lasted 2 hours before he wanted mommy, but it was nice. Since Miles is officially weaned our schedule has really changed. Our days before normally started at 8:30 or 9. Now they start at 6:30 or 7. Which is fine because Lacey has to be school at 7:40. It's better all around!! Get up earlier, nap earlier, go to bed earlier!!

I've been working out like crazy this week, not losing any weight but gaining strength and indurance. My runs are longer and faster, the workouts that started off hard are getting easier (I started P90X Plyometerics, and Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones). My best friend told me to stay off the scale. As a personal trainer she says it's not about the number it's about how you feel. She took my measurements and was amazed!! Her and I can actually share clothes!!

I've only been allowing myself maybe an hour a day on the computer, it's amazing how as first I thought it would be difficult to stay away, but by day 3 I was finding it hard to find time for the computer. Since I've been off the computer I picked up the book "The Help." After hearing people talk about it I figured I would buy it and read it. So far it's a really good book!!

Well my time on the computer is over, the laundry needs done, and the house needs straightened back up!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. I'm starting "The Help" this week. My book club chose it and Saturday we will meet to watch the movie and then discuss it over dinner!
    Hope you enjoy!