Thursday, August 18, 2011

Taking a nice break

On Sunday I decided that while the kids were up I would stay away from the computer, keep off of all the fun stuff on the Smart phone and spend time being a mommy and a wife. I would only allow myself on the computer during nap time or bed time, and after my workout. My what a change it has made!! I am getting all my chores done 1st thing in the morning, getting a workout in, getting some time in with my best friend Neva, doing fun activities with the kids, spending more quality time with my hubby...I don't even find time to get on it when the kids go to bed. Now even when I get on the computer I wonder how it ever consumed so much time, and really don't have much to do on it.

So if I don't update as often, or take a month break everything is fine, I'm just enjoying the last year before Lacey's in Kindergarten, and enjoying the time I have as a stay at home mommy!!

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