Monday, January 17, 2011


I needed some motivation this morning. While I weighed in a lbs less than I did yesterday I just needed something to pick me up. I haven't missed a day working out in 3 weeks. Why am I not
kicking my weights Butt?!?!? So I took a picture of myself. Dec. 31st 164lbs Jan. 17th 161lbs

This was enough motivation for me!! I am getting my defined, my waist is getting smaller...I'll keep pushing myself!!


  1. Keep it up Katie! I'm so proud of you! All that hard work is starting to show!

  2. You're gaining muscle thats why!! You're doing great!!!

  3. You are looking great Katie. Try to not worry about how much you lose in a day focus on how much you lose in a week or 2 weeks. Thats why I only weigh in every 2 weeks, its a bigger number Lol! Just keep on moving and it will come off. You have done such a great job, dont let it go to waste, soon you will only have to focus on certain areas!!! You motivate me!

  4. Anna that is so sweet. It made me tear up!! I am def. not going to let it go to waste!! I have worked too dang hard to lose the 26lbs!!