Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowy Ice days!

Yesterday it was icing today it is snowing....Good thing I am a fan of winter!!

Yesterday while we were stuck inside the kids went down for early naps. They were asleep by 1pm. This never happens!! I took advantage of nap time. Dr. Oz was on. I never (Okay hardly ever) get to watch day time TV. There are always some sort of cartoons on, or some movie on. Well on Dr. Oz they were talking about the best way to lose weight. I DVR'd the episode so I could watch it again. It was so informative.

You should workout 5 minutes after waking up. Get up go to the bathroom, brush your teeth
Working out 1st thing before you eat anything your body will burn fat since there is no food to burn

Drink a cup of Ice Water before your workout (It takes more energy to heat up the water, burning more calories during your morning workout)

Eat breakfast no later than an hour after waking up

Eat lunch 4 hours after Breakfast

Eat dinner 6 and half hours after lunch or 3 hours before bed, eat nothing after dinner

If you take any supplements take them 15 minutes before dinner. With a cup of Ice water. They will fill your stomach up making you less hungry at dinner.

So here is what my day looks like
7:30 wake up brush my teeth go to the bathroom drink my water
7:35 workout for 35 minutes
8:10 eat breakfast
12:10 eat lunch
5:55 take my supplements
6:30 eat dinner
10:00 bed time

I am hoping that this will help lose those pesky 10lbs!!

My mom and dad got me the Biggest Loser for the Wii. I weighed myself in and it is not nearly as nice as the Wii Fit game. The Wii fit says I weigh 160 with 0lbs with my clothes on. The Biggest Loser says I weigh 164.3. So I am going to go with The Biggest Loser and say I weigh 164.3. This will motivate me to lose more weight. The Biggest Loser says I need to weigh 154, so that is my new goal.

I set short week long goals this week it is to not eat anything after dinner. I will keep you all updated.

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  1. That is awesome information, thank you for sharing that. I will have to try it as well. I think I have plateaued at 178....so I need to either boost my workouts or do something different. Maybe trying this out will help! Keep up the hard work Katie, I am so proud of you!