Monday, February 21, 2011

365 days ago

365 days ago I was still pregnant with Miles.
It was just me and Lacey all day
A couple days before I was induced Lacey and I went to Lawrence for a date. We went shopping and got some new clothes for her, took her out to lunch, went to Target, and no Mommy daughter date would be complete without a trip to DQ for Ice Cream.
I thought I was ruining her life. Completely changing EVERYTHING she has every known. She had my undivided attention for 2 years 7 months and 1 week. Her life will never be the same. A last picture before Miles is born.

Well little did I know that her love for him would be instantaneous.

Telling Mommy all about her new Brudder.


  1. Ok Im crying!
    I needed this cause I keep thinking how much Jacksons life is going to change and yup, I keep having feelings like this baby is going to ruin it in his eyes:(
    Thank you for the reminder that he will love his little brother! And that date idea, is great!!

  2. Julie cherish this ime with Jackson. We made me having Miles more about her. She got to pick his coming home outfit, Miles bought her a present that she got to open at the hospital. It was a couple shirts, and an Elmo that goes over our faucet head in the shower. We let her know that we still love her. Brandon took her on a date while Miles and I were in the hospital. I remember when I was fully dilated she was sitting on the bed next to me and I started bawling. She looked at me and wiped my tears and said "Mommy, no cry, I love you."
    Jackson will love his little brother!!