Thursday, February 17, 2011

Off and running

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. The kids and I had spent a lot of the day outside. We had Miles' 1st birthday pictures taken. A picnic at the park. Brandon had a meeting for work and was up and gone before the kids and I.

Brandon got home a little after 3:30. I threw on yoga capris and my tennis shoes and told him I was going for a run....I honestly thought it would be more of a jog/walk than a run, but I was getting out of the house without the kids. I grabbed my headphones and my phone and took off. I started at a nice jog, I ran up to the Y...I only stopped twice to walk. After I got to the Y I decided to walk a little bit, after walking a block something said to start jogging again. So I did. I jogged, and then started running, it felt amazing!! I got home 25 minutes after I started.

I logged onto and in put where I ran. It came back I ran 2.45 miles. 10:08 mile. SWEET!!

Today I am sore, not just sore super sore!! My thighs, calves,knees, abs, feet all hurt. I took today off from working out, I figure my body needed the day to recoup. I did go for a little walk with the kids. It was too nice to not get out of the house!!

Miles is turning one next week. It breaks my heart to think about him being 1 next week. I just want my baby back! Luckily I know plenty of pregnant women and plenty of women who have babies! A good friend is finding out the gender tomorrow at 2!!! It can't come fast enough!! I want to go buy some baby clothes!! LOL

And now for Picture Overload!! I found a lady here in town Heather Busing she owns and runs Spitting Images. She is AMAZING!!!


  1. Good job on your run!
    When I did my 5K in October 2009 I did about a 10 minute mile so your rocking it!
    The pictures turned out great!
    P.S. I can't wait to see what Julie is having, her Dr.'s are mean making her wait this long, all my friends seem to find out at like 17 weeks!

  2. OMG he is sooooo big! Love the pictures! And congrats on your run! That is awesome...I can't wait to get out and run, I wanna see how good I can do. I just need to get a night that chris is home!! Lol