Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 months

This week was an amazing week in our house!!
Monday Lacey was legally adopted by Brandon. Something we have waited 3 years for. A dream come true!
Tuesday Brandon's sister called us and wants Lacey to be a flower girl in her wedding in October. We are so excited!! Lacey will be such a cute flower girl!! October 1st can't come fast enough!! Family vacation to Maryland!! YAHOO!!
Friday I booked Miles' 1st birthday pictures. It breaks my heart to think a year ago I was miserable and pregnant and holding a newborn to a walking, saying words, 1 year old. I have some super cute ideas for his pictures. I am thinking about taking our Kitchen Aide stand mixer, a wooden spoon, and a chefs hat. I think it would make for super cute pictures. He will also be doing the smash cake!! Here is a picture of Lacey with her smash cake!

Today marks 3 months since my lifestyle change. Today I stepped on the scale expecting to see 159 or 158 where I have been holding out for a week or so. Instead I saw 156. That means I have lost 31lbs in 3 months. 10lbs a month, 2.5lbs a week. I have hips bones you can feel, I have collar bones you can see....I fit into a pair of size 8 shorts!! Size 11's are too big. I am 1lbs away from my goal of 155.


  1. Congratulations on ALL this good news!

  2. Congrats Katie on everything! You have so much to be happy for! Keep up your hard work! You keep me motivated!