Friday, March 30, 2012

Have I lost my mind?

Tomorrow I run a wonderful 10 mile trail race.  I really have no time goals for this race.  I want to take it nice and easy.  It will be my last long run before the half.  Ummm seriously only two weeks tomorrow before the half?  Where has the time gone? 

Last night I bit the bullet and registered for my October race.  I sat here shaking before and after I registered for it.  There is no going back once you do it.  I would've waited but the price goes up $10 on the 4th and I just wanted to make sure I got registered.  The race is the Kansas City Marathon, and yes I registered for the FULL MARATHON!!

I'm hoping that with my training where I am now I can just start adding more miles on, and then in July when my friends who are running it as well start training I'll just start running with them.  I'm still scared outta my mind!  26.2 seems so intimidating. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


  1. You are awesome! Crazy, but awesome:) :)

  2. First of all, if you get a chance tonight go by the Manhattan Running Co at 7:30. A buddy of mine & very inspirational guy, Chris, is giving a talk. It'll be worth checking out:

    Secondly, WOO HOO on the marathon!! With the miles you have now you have TONS of time to get your miles up for the marathon. You'll do great! I'm running that one as well, see you there!!

  3. Thanks Julie!!

    Thanks Bryan! I wanted to go, but my Dad is a Track Coach and they were having the home meet. Can't wait to see you there!!

  4. WAY TO GO TODAY!!! You did awesome and it was so great to meet you. Good luck in a few weeks, I bet you will finish your 1/2 in under 2 hours with the amount of training you have done. :)