Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yesterday I ran my first 10k.  My  heart was pounding on Friday night after I picked up my race packet.  I was so nervous. What had I gotten myself into?

Saturday morning I woke up at 4am...WTH?!?  I laid in bed until finally I got up and headed to the living room to watch T.V.  I turned on an infomercial knowing that I would fall asleep instantly once I turned it on.  However I sat there watching it...Finally at 6 Brandon left for work and I fell back asleep.

At 7:30 Miles woke up.  I fed him breakfast and did some laundry.  At 9 we headed for Manhattan.  We walked around and waited for some people I knew.  Finally Richard showed up.  We talked for awhile then the 2 mile race started.  Brandon showed up to watch Miles and it was time for me to warm up.
While I was waiting to line up Brandon captured some pictures of my St. Patrick's day 10k get up. 

 It was finally time to take off.
I was a bit scared because all of the long runs I have done recently I have done with someone.  Richard was going to run way faster than I was, so I was by myself.  I knew Kelle would be somewhere but I didn't know where.  Little did I know that she was about 10 feet behind me in the beginning.

Around mile 1 we finally found each other.  Thank GOODNESS!!  I knew I was right on the pace I wanted a 9 minute mile.  Kelle and I around mile 4 or so on Denison.  Running with someone definitely helps keep you on pace.  We talked, it totally helped me not think about my pace, the wind blowing in my face up a hill or how hot I was.   

 Then I saw it...the finish line!!  In true Katie fashion I kicked it in!!  All I heard was some girls yell "WAY TO GET IT, TUTU GIRL!"  Then the finish line!  My goal was under an hour, my 2nd goal was under 55 minutes.  I was sure I could do under an hour, but under 55 minutes was another story.  Especially with the hills and then wind.

And there you have it!!  54:43!!  I did it!  I made it under an hour, under 55 minutes.  The best
picture; I had just gotten the chip taken off and I told Brandon "I'm gonna puke."  BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!!  Knowing you pushed yourself so hard you are gonna hurl!!  (For the record I did not, I drank water and walked around and the feeling went away!)


  1. So proud of you! I totally was digging the Tutu!! Get it gurl!