Tuesday, March 6, 2012

High hopes

Today Josephine and I had high hopes of running the half marathon course.  It was windy okay more like a tornado.  So I may be over exaggerating a tiny bit but the winds were strong.  We both decided that a little wind wouldn't stop us.  It was 80*, we were going to take advantage of the weather.

We meet up and drive to Abilene.  We had a great conversation in the car, and we were both excited about the run.  We make it to the Eisenhower center and get out.  We take off heading South.  I felt like for every one step we took forward we would get pushed back five.  The first mile took over 12 minutes.  At mile two we were already at 28 minutes.  We debated on whether or not to turn around, but we both agreed to "try" to run it. 

We finally got to Brown Memorial Park and got to take a left turn putting the wind to our sides.  We just couldn't get into a good rhythm.  We walked and ran, ran and walked...probably did more walking than running.  We ran the loop through the Park and decided that was enough.  The half course is an out and back.  We just decided to go back.  We finished with 7 miles.  A 7 miles that we had to work hard for.

Once in the car we decided that we HAD to go to the gym and do Sprint training.  Yup neither of us were feeling that either.  So we just headed home.

Running is mental and with the wind blowing at 40-50mph into your face it is definitely a hard workout.  I am meeting up with Josephine and Cleo in the morning for Hills workout.  What am I thinking? 


  1. Holy cow girlie, I don't know how you do it! You've been doing so many looong runs lately, it exhausts me just thinking about it! I think its great though!!

  2. Hi Katie! Nice to hear of another runner in the area!! I also work in JC. :) Good luck on the Eisenhower 1/2! Hopefully the wind will not be a factor that day...what a difference it can make. I will also follow your posts now and will see you in Milford at the end of the month.