Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lent Day 2

2nd day of Lent, and finally my husband gets a day off work.  Having only one day off once a week to some may seem "easy" but when he has a wife and two kids at home it gets tough.  I'm not sure who it is harder on me or him.  I'm home all day every day with both kids, and he's at work telling 30, 20 to 60 years old what to do.

This morning I went into work for a couple of hours.  For breakfast I had a bagel thin with peanut butter on one half and cream cheese on the other and a banana!!  After work we headed to Manhattan for lunch at Hu Hot.  Brandon has been begging to go so we finally went.  I had a good plate of fish, veggies, and a little bit of noodles.  It was super yummy.   There was temptation there but having the option for fish made it easy to choose.  After lunch we went to Mernards to look for some lighting for our living room.  The kids were restless and ready for naps.  So it made a short trip. 

The kids went down for naps and I decided to go to the store to get stuff to make Miles' birthday cake.  I make Rolo cupcakes but the boy deserves a cake, so I'm making a Rolo cake.  It is in the oven now baking!!  I was debating on whether or not to run outside today.  It was windy (when I say windy we were in a wind advisory) and chilly.  I finally talked myself out of the run outside and decided to hit the dreadmill instead.  I figured I would do some high intensity training.  I set it up for 40 minutes.  The first five minutes I was ready to quit!   I heard these ladies talking next to me as I ran the 2nd 9.0 saying that it was stupid to run that fast on a treadmill, that I needed something to keep the sweat out of my kinda pushed me harder.  I ended up doing four miles, one mile more than I had planned.  After the HIIT I went to Zumba to dance the rest of the stress away. 

I came home to this sitting on the table

Avocado, tomato, shrimp salad. 
  It was delicious!!   It is time to sit down and relax and enjoy the rest of my evening...or bake a cake. 

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