Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trail running

Yesterday I got to experience my very 1st trail run.  I ran it with two other ladies.  It was so much fun.  I had mud all up my legs and all over my shoes.  It was a tough 5 miles.  Ups and downs, muddy, creeks, muddy, leaves, muddy, rocks, muddy, icy....oh and did I mention that it was muddy?  It was definitely a lot funner than running on the roads.  I was a bit skeptical when one of the ladies told me that it would take about an hour.  I was like there is no way 5 miles will take an hour.  It took 1:01, it was a lot more difficult than road running.  You have to watch your every step yet be completely aware of what is going on in front of you.  I am addicted to trail running now and hopefully will continue to do it.

It was great running with new people.  I made a couple new friends and have new running partners.  I can't wait for a gym partner and someone to run with during the week.  I think it will make training for the half and the full so much easier. 

Today my ankles and right below my calves are killing me.  It probably didn't help that my dad and I went on a 4 mile run on an unmaintained gravel road this morning.  I think it was almost just as bad as running on the trail yesterday.  I had mud up my legs, my shoes are muddy, and since I wore a different pair than I did yesterday, both pairs need cleaned. 

 My goal for today was 10 miles.  My dad however didn't think that he is in good enough shape to do 10.  So today it was 4, maybe next Saturday we will do 8.   

The next most exciting thing is the Wild West Relay.  It's not 100%, I'm discussing it with Brandon.  My dad is going to think about it.  Then talk to the guy that has a team from here that goes.  What the WWR is a 200 mile relay race.  You have a group of 12 and there are 36 legs.  So each runner runs 3 legs.  It would be a total high!!  It is Colorado in August.  I am definitely hoping that this is something I get to do. 

My next investment will be trail shoes!! 

  I hope everyone had a great weekend. 

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