Tuesday, February 28, 2012

9 Mile run

I will first start with saying that going vegetarian for me has been fairly easy.  I don't even miss meat.  Nuts and peanut butter are my favorite go to for protein. 

Now on to today.  I registered for The Color Run in KC in June, so now my March, April, May and June races are all registered for.  Any who Josephine sent me a message on FB asking if I wanted to go running today.  I of course said yes.  It was overcast and a little rainy but I'm not gonna let that stop me.  So we decided on anywhere from 6 to 8 miles.  

I took the kids to Manhattan, Lacey had a Dr.'s appointment, I needed to run to Hobby Lobby to pick up more Tulle for my adorable tutu, and I needed wanted to look at Dick's Sporting Goods for running capri's.  We didn't make it to Dick's the kids feel asleep on the block drive over to Dick's so I just drove home.  I put Miles down for a nap and Lacey and I cuddled on the couch.  I ended up taking a nice little nap while Lacey watched a movie. 

At 4 o'clock Brandon was home so it was off to run.  We had decided to run the River Walk trail.  It is an out and back trail.  It's 9 miles all together so we just decided to do it all.  We knew we wanted to take it slow and easy, keep it at a 10 minute mile.  We felt amazing the whole time.  It's so great having someone to run with, we talked about everything.  She is going to run the half marathon with me in Abilene!  It will be awesome to have a partner to run it with.  Someone to keep you going when you don't want to.  I was stoked to see when I got home that we paced it perfect and averaged a 10 minute mile. 

We will run again on Thursday.  It'll be great having someone to keep me on track and keep me motivated.  We are just weeks away from the half.   

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