Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Boy

Yesterday my baby boy turned 2.   I amazes me that he is already two.  He is the most loving little boy.  I maybe a bit biased  but I think he is the cutest!  He loves to cuddle, give hugs and kisses.  He is a boy of few words.  When I say few words it is a few words maybe 25, and the only two words he says together are "thank you and bless you."

We've been working on the word 2.  He says one and freeee, yesterday when we would say "Miles how old are you?"  He was hold up one finger and say "Freeeee."  Then he would start giggling.  Ohh how I love my little boy.  He is definitely all boy and all ornery. 

He loves making messes, loves to laugh, loves the movie "Tangled," he can watch it all day everyday.  He loves anything sweet, he begs for popsicles for breakfast, always asks for more candy...he gets that from his momma.  He loves his big sissy.  Always wants to be doing what she does.  He loves his daddy, papa, grammy and his momma.  He loves babies and every time we see a baby anywhere he always yells "babeeeeee!"     

Miles is so intelligent.  He picks up on everything.  He loves to play games on the iPhone, loves to sing, and count.  He doesn't like to sit and read.  He likes to take things apart and then try to figure them out.  He has his daddy's brain.

He loves to play outside in the dirt.  The dirty he gets the better he is.  He loves to swing in the swings and go down the slides.  He likes to climb on top of things and jump, so you better be ready to catch!

My baby on his birth day
My baby on his 1st birthday
On his 2nd birthday

My baby boy I can't wait to see what life has in store for us.  You are the most amazing little man I know.   Happy Birthday, and many many more!! 


  1. Stop!
    I am already thinking this is going to fly by too fast!
    He's grown so much since I saw you last!

  2. Gosh it goes SO fast!! Love that blonde hair! Enjoy being 2 Miles:)

  3. Happy belated birthday to Miles!