Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent Day 1

Last night for our "last" meal we had cheeseburgers.  Not our regular low cal burgers on wheat buns, but greasy high cal cheeseburgers.  They were wonderful.  I ate more than my share...thanks to Lacey for sharing with me.

Today I got up early and hit the gym knowing that Brandon would be working late.  I drug my feet and said some nasty words about being up before the sun, but in the end I ALWAYS love a good workout.  Today it was 10 minutes on the Elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike.  Then 40 minutes of weights.  I am definitely noticing a change in my body.  It is much more stronger than it was a month ago.

I got home did some cleaning and laundry...did the dishes in the bathtub because the Kitchen sink is backed up.  The plumbing in this house sucks, we've had to get new pipes for the kitchen sink, and bathroom sink already.  We've had to unclog the bathtub, sink in the bathroom, and now we are dealing with kitchen sink problems.  Miles thought it was a hoot to do dishes in the bathtub, I however was not amused.  When all my chores were done it was breakfast time a very yummy fruit salad was in order.  I add EVERY single fruit we have the house, oranges, apples, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, clementines, grapes add a little of it all and mix it together.  It is quite filling and so delicious!!

After picking up Lacey we had a few chores to run first to the Pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Brandon then off to Manhattan.  Lacey wanted Sirloin for lunch.  Day 1 and already the meat temptation.  I did really well with a salad, and some mashed potatoes.  After lunch we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up Tulle.  Lacey bought Hot Pink and I found green for my tutu for the race next month.

Once we were done there we headed to Manhattan Running Company.  When I registered for the March and April races I printed off the 5 mile trail run paper and filled it out, took the check and the paper and stuck it to the cork board.  After talking to people I wanted to make sure I would be able to run the trail before signing up and it totally being way harder than I imagined.  After running it on Saturday I knew that I had to register to run it!!  We dropped off the paperwork and finally headed home.

Miles went down for a nap and Lacey and I hung out and watched some cartoons, until she went outside to get the mail and didn't come back in.  Once Miles woke up we took advantage of the gorgeous weather.  We cleaned out the car, washed the car, rode bikes, rode cars, worked on Lacey's t-ball skills.  Miles also has some mad t-ball skills.  We munched on Graham crackers with peanut butter, some almonds, and clementines.  The kids love those Cuties!!  (Thanks, Cuties for your commercials!  Every time Lacey sees Cuties we have to buy them!)  

When my mom came by to pick up my Grandma; Lacey had it already planned that she was going with my mom to stay the night.  When I asked Miles what he wanted for dinner he pointed to the leftover hamburgers for last night.  Meat temptation #2, I fixed Miles his hamburger and I heated up the leftover veggie stir fry from a couple of nights ago. 

Day 1 is a down and it was successful!!  39 left...

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