Friday, February 3, 2012


I just registered for 3 more races!!  February, March and April races are now all registered for!!

February's run is a 5 mile trail run!!  I am running the trail course with a few friends on the 18th.  I am so excited!!

March's run is a 10k St. Patty's day race.  Brandon and I were already discussing my outfit...we think a green Tutu is in order!!

April is the Eisenhower Half Marathon.  I debated and debated before registering.  Will I be able to get back into good enough shape to run another half marathon?  Am I pushing myself to hard?  I finally sucked it up and registered.  If I didn't register I would talk myself out of running it so I bit the bullet and registered!!  My goal for this half is 2:10 minutes.  2 minutes faster than my 1st half.

My birthday was amazing!! I  got everything I could've wanted.  A new pair of running shoes, a new printer, new sport bras,  and Under Armour Sweats! 

New running shoes
A few race day pictures

My favorite I look like I'm flying

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!!  


  1. You go mama! Although I can't imagine how much you're paying out in entry fees (cause I know they arent cheap!!), its super cool that you're doing so many races! I'm hoping to do 3 this year--5K, 10K and a half! Although more I see people posting about the Color Run, I want to do that too!!

    I likey your new shoes!!

  2. So proud of you and excited to see you in a green tutu!!!!


  3. Ohh Julie entry fees suck! But I watch kids before and after school and that money goes straight into my running fund. Julie the 5k color run could be your 5k run...and then the Freedom Run could be your 10k. The St. Patty's day run is only $17! The cheapest run I've ever registered for. Thanks! I likey my new shoes too...they are the same shoe I have but just the newer model.
    Thanks Liz! I'm going to have to get the stuff and watch Youtube videos on how to make one.