Sunday, May 15, 2011


I hate it when no one in the house feels good.

Wiping noses, cranky kids, writing down the times they took Tylenol, the times they took Motrin, when they took their antibiotics, no one sleeping

I do love the cuddles, and the laying on the couch and doing absolutely nothing. However there is so much house work, and it piles up. I wish I had a maid that could come in and clean....

The hardest thing for a mother is seeing her kids in pain. Lacey has an ear infection and cries because they hurt so bad. HURRY UP ANTIBIOTICS KICK IN!!

Miles is so sick and it breaks my heart nothing I do makes him feel better. He has this horrible cough....We took him to the Dr. on Tuesday because he had a fever and a cough that was horrible. The Dr. said it was probably a late cold. I believed the Dr. because he knows more than I do. Well after 5 days of a fever a cough that hadn't gotten better. I took him to Urgent Care where the Dr. there listened to him breathe and decided that he has Pneumonia. She made him do a breathing treatment, ordered lab work, ordered a Chest X-Ray and then took some snot to check for RSV. I have never in my life witnessed something so sad. I honestly wish I could take the pain away from him and make it my own. He was a trooper and didn't cry at all while getting his blood drawn, however during the X-Ray we weren't so lucky. The contraption they put the kids in is crazy. Their feet dangle, their hands are above their heads, they strap them in. It looks so uncomfortable. Miles screamed bloody murder, but the X-Ray tech said they want them to cry so they can get a good picture of the lungs. We won't know the results of the X-Ray until some time tomorrow.

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