Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No new news

I don't have any new news. Life is busy. We play hard, sleep hard, and work hard.

A little look into the day of a Kidwell
7:00a.m. Wake up time
7:05 breakfast for Miles and Lacey
7:20 2 kids I watch in the morning show up
7:45 my grandma shows up
MWF 7:45 Lacey and Brandon leave for school and work
8:00 Kids leave for school
8:05 I start my workout
9:05 workout over shower time
9:30 getting dressed and ready for the day
10:00 straighten up the house
10:20 leave to get Lacey(MWF)
11 Lunch and any errands
12 Miles down for a nap Mom and Lacey's quiet time
2:00 craft time and or movie time
3:30 Little girl I watch after school walks over
3:30- 5:00 play time
5:00 start dinner
6:00 eat dinner
7:00 clean and start of wind down time
8:00 bath time for Lacey bedtime for Miles
9:00 bedtime for Lacey
10:00 bedtime for mommy

On Tuesday's and Thursday's this schedule is a bit different since Brandon is off work but I try to stick to the same routine. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are my run days. Tuesday's Lacey has dance at 6 so dinner is always a little bit later. I swear that by the time I sit down I'm so tired I just want to go to bed.

I have a 5k on Saturday that I'm super stoked about. My time isn't the greatest however it is faster than my 1st 5k. That's all that matters.

Christmas is fast approaching. Everyone is done, still waiting on some gifts to arrive that I ordered. I did the majority of my Christmas shopping online this year. I've taken advantage of huge sales, and free shipping!! Plus Ebates which pays me 4 times a year to start with them whenever I shop online!! If you haven't checked out Ebates you should!

Brandon, my mom and I are all going to Mexico in less than a month!! An all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta!! I am super super super excited!! My mother-in-law is going to come and stay with the kids so we won't have to worry about them. A week away from my kids, away from the cold (which I haven't even pulled out my winter coat yet....ummm what?!?!) , away from all responsibility. I'm a little worried about being away from my babies, but I know that they are in good hands!!

Well that's all I really have for now....BTW Pinterest is also sucking all my time away from this Blog.


  1. I can't wait until I have a schedule that sticks.
    Seems like once I think Bitsy and I are on a schedule she switches up a nap time or wakes earlier than normal...or naps shorter than I expect.
    There has been little time for crafting which is making me sad :(
    I'm hoping to get back to that soon though!
    I hope you enjoy Mexico :)


  2. Biz it took us a good long while to get a good routine down. Miles was 18 months old before things stuck. Bitsy will get there.
    I didn't do any crafting when Miles was a baby, it just seemed like I didn't have any time EVER!!
    We will enjoy Mexico!!