Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Years Resolution and 5k

I'll first start with the Holiday Hustle 5k. The Holiday Hustle is here in town and is a race to support a local track club that is being set up. It was the perfect weather for a race. No wind, no snow, no rain...PERFECT!! It was a bit chilly however when you are wearing leggings, gloves, a long sleeve shirt, a hoody, a hat and running you actually get pretty toasty. My hat came off at mile 1. I had 2 goals coming into this race 1) To beat my time from my 1st 5k. My first 5k time was 30:11. 2) To place. During the race I knew I was at PR pace. At mile 2 mapmyrun lady said 16 minutes some odd seconds. 2.0 miles. Ummm did she just say 2 miles in 16 minutes? I couldn't believe it. I had already ran the hardest part of the race, the rest was all one way straight no hills!! I got this!! I kicked it in. Flying down Eisenhower in front of the high school, I see my dad my biggest supporter, my biggest cheerleader. He has the biggest smile on his face, and he screams "HOLY COW! Look at your stride!!" I cross the finish line and the Race coordinator yells "25:02!" I jump and say "No way!" I am over joyed!! I not only beat my time from my 1st 5k I crushed it by 5 minutes and 9 seconds! Then we wait for the results. I knew my time was fast, but was it fast enough to place. Finally results....3rd in my age group!! I placed!! I placed!! Technically I placed 4th in my age group, however the girl that placed 1st was 1st female overall I placed 3rd!! My age bracket isn't the easiest...20 to 29 you still have the girls in college that are running. But I made the most of it. (I forgot to post this)
A picture of me and my daddy after our race.
Now for my New Years Resolution. I've made resolutions in the past, last year I made one to run a 5k and to start training for a Half. And to keep my weight at a healthy weight. I did all 3. I ran a 5k, trained and ran a half, and kept my weight down. Now that we are getting closer to the end of the year I started thinking about what my resolution would be. Would it be to keep my weight where it is? To run at least 2 half marathons, to compete in a Triathlon, to run a marathon? What would it be? Yesterday morning I was sitting at the table looking at races to run when it hit me, run a race at least once a month. Run at least 12 races in 2012. So I started looking and I found 12 races in Ks that I could run!! Most of them are 5k's, maybe a couple 10k's, definitely 2 half marathons, and at least 1 full. I am super excited about running a couple races with my good friend Julie!! She has been training, and is my inspiration to keep going. Some days when I don't feel like running I always say WWJD? What would Julie do? LOL It always works because after I ask myself I put my running gear on and go. So thank you Julie for always motivating me!!
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!! This week will be insanely busy but I'm looking forward to it!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on beating your time!
    I am excited to read about the 12 races you do this next year!!!


  2. Congrats Katie! You've definitely had an exciting year :)