Sunday, April 10, 2011

Funny things kids say

Lacey is one of the funniest kids I know. She has a huge vocabulary according to her teacher.

On Tuesday I picked her up from Pre-School and her teacher asked me if Lacey knows anyone in jail. I told her that her biological father was in jail and that Lacey knew that. Well her teacher said that one of the girls in class said that her grandma was going to come pick her up. Lacey said "No her grandma isn't! Her grandma is in jail!" Ohh geeze!!

On Tuesday night we talked to Brandon's step-mom and his sister(Ann). Lacey will be a flower girl in Aunt Ann's wedding in October. So we were discussing wedding plans. Lacey gets on the phone and says "Aunt Ann tell my mom to cut my hair!" We have told Lacey we aren't cutting her hair until after After Aunt Ann's wedding.

On Friday was Brandon's birthday, we went out to eat and Lacey rode with my parents. Lacey kept asking my mom if they were there yet. They were at a stop light a block away from where we were going and Lacey asks "Grammy are we there yet?" My mom says "Almost Lacey." Lacey says "We are not almost there, you are driving around in circles!" My parents laughed so hard they were crying when they got to the restaurant.

She has also started telling knock knock jokes. They don't make any sense but we all laugh after she tells them. Even Miles has started fake laughing to laugh at his sister's jokes.

In other news my sister finds out on the 19th what she is having!! At 22 weeks you can't even tell that she is pregnant!! Lucky duck!!

A good friend of mine EH announced that she is pregnant last week!! Her and her husband are going to make AMAZING parents!! I am loving all these pregnant women!!

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