Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding plans

My Sister-in-laws wedding is fast approaching. We have several months but I know that they will fly by.

I am trying to find clothes that fit and look halfway decent. I went through my summer clothes yesterday and let me tell you EVERYTHING looks like a tent!! I think a shopping trip is in order!! I am hoping to find a couple nice dresses to wear the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.
Is it wrong to wear black to an October wedding? I really have no clue what to wear....A long dress, a tea length dress, a knee length dress?!? Ohh geeze I am already stressing and it's not even 3 months out yet. Maybe while we are out clothes shopping I can try on some dresses.

I am hoping that my parents are able to come with us. Built in babysitters! Brandon's sister hired babysitters for the wedding reception but I am not comfortable with people watching my kids that I don't know. But I want to be able to enjoy the reception....I guess we have time to figure at.

Flower girl dresses are SUPER cute!!

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  1. Katie,
    My advice is just try on some dresses and see what you feel fabulous in. Then buy that dress and wear it!
    Hope that helps :)