Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mothers Intuition

My mom is amazing. I am blessed with one of the world's greatest moms. Growing up I am sure I thought she was the worst mom. Not allowing me to eat candy for breakfast, or not allowing me to stay at a friends house when her parents weren't home. I am sure I put up a good fight when I didn't want to do my chores, or when she told me no. Looking back I am glad she told me no, I am glad she gave me rules and boundaries. I know I tried to push those limits daily.

Having 2 kids of my own I look back a lot and try to remember the way my mom disciplined me. Lacey is a button pusher, and she talks back. My mom said it is a genetic trait passed down from my dad, to me, to her....I am sure she is right. I can't get through telling Lacey "NO" without her saying "But, but"

My mom always knows when to take the kids or take one of the kids. She normally takes Lacey, because Lacey is old enough to talk and she asks to go. When I ask my mom to watch the kids she always says yes. My mom always knows what to say to help me calm down.

Thanks to my mom for being so awesome!!

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