Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter is coming

Easter is fast approaching. Easter is super late this year, it is actually the latest that it can ever be. Well with Easter approaching the Easter Bunny is finally at the mall. Lacey has been begging to see the Bunny since we bought her Easter Dress. Today seemed like the perfect to go, so we went.

While we were out we decide to go try Flower Girl dresses on Lacey. Brandon's sister wedding is on Oct. 1st and we are trying to figure out what Lacey likes, what Ann likes, the size that would be best to order, if it's better to get measurements or just go by true size. Here are a few of Lacey's favorites.
This is Lacey's favorite

We had to do the spin test on every dress. Lacey loved the way the 1st one spun the best. Luckily the sash comes in a different colors and the dress comes in Ivory.

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