Sunday, June 19, 2011

new clothes!

After hitting my goal weight and sitting steady at it for a month I decided it was time to buy some new clothes. Everything I owned was WAY to big. I mean it would fall off. My pants I would have to pull up or wear a belt, my shirts look like tents. So today I went shopping.

It's Father's Day yes I know. It should be all about my wonderful, handsome, awesome hubby. Well if his wife isn't happy he isn't happy. LOL. So I shopped. With the 2 kids all by myself. Let's just say by store #2 I was wondering what the heck I had signed up for. They were actually very good and helped me make some good choices.

I have decided I like dresses. I'm a tomboy, jeans and tshirts, being outside, camping, bugs, snakes, worms...I love it all, dresses not so much. However my wonderful mother in law gave me some dresses and in doing so made me realize that I LOVE Dresses. Today I tried on 5 or 6 dresses. I bought 3 of them!! The most dresses I have ever owned. I bought my dress for my sis in laws wedding rehersal. It is super cute and a size 10. Yes a size 10!! I could have gotten by in a size 8 but my boobs are just way to big. The best part it was only $11!! It was orignally $90. I couldn't pass it up.

I also got 2 pairs of capris, 3 tanks and 3 camis. I tried on shorts and they are either 2 long or too short. I can't do short shorts. I guess it's because I'm a mom and I want to be a great role model for my 2 babies. I want them to respect their bodies.

After trying and trying to drop below 150 I have decided it is a great weight for me. Very easy to maintain, and I get told if I go any lower I will look sick. I'm in a size 10, I haven't been a size 10 since my freshmen year in high school!! In fact I tried on some 8's that fit. My tops I bought largers well because I have big boobs. I did try on a large in the misses and it was way to big so a Medium would've been perfect, but the didn't have a medium....

I hope eveyone is having an awesome Father's Day. We are waiting for Brandon to get home and then heading out to my folks house for dinner!!

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