Monday, October 10, 2011

Maryland Vacation or Pinterest?

Okay so Pinterest wins!!

Maryland was great but that's a whole other story.....Like over a million gazillion pics.

So onto newest addiction. Why did EVERYONE have to be talking about it? Why was I so curious about it? Why did I wait so long to hop on the bandwagon?

Well I am sure my husband, and my kids are thanking Pinterest, but my checking account not so much!! =) Today the kids and I looked at the majority of all my pins and picked out a few of our favorites. I made a list of the things we "needed", and off we went to Hobby Lobby.

Now that I am "Pinning" everything I saw in Hobby Lobby I said either "Ohh I can make that!" Or " I could use that to make..."

We loaded up the cart with all the fun stuff, Canvases, ribbon, paint, spray paint, construction paper, Halloween knick knacks to paint....After that we headed home to put our creative juices out there.

Miles is well Miles and likes to eat his paint
And Lacey well she definitely got the creative genes
Anywho thanks to Pinterest we had a GREAT craft day.

Little Ghost Feet...It's not complete yet
Our Boo Pumpkins

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