Monday, March 21, 2011

Days like today

It is days like today that I have to tell myself I love being a mom, I love being a mom, I love being a mom....over and over and over again. Days where both kids didn't nap....Probably my fault, I had a million errands to run this afternoon, plus it was GORGEOUS outside. If they went down for naps at 2 they'd sleep past 4 and the whole afternoon of playing outside, burning tons of energy would be shot. So they stayed awake. Now normally when they don't take naps bedtime is easy. 9pm they both crash....Well not tonight!! It is 11 and Lacey is in her room screaming and Miles is finally ready to nurse himself to sleep. He has been to wound up to sit still.

The weather has been AMAZING!! Shorts, flip flops, tank tops, no coats, no hats, no gloves...just go outside. Windows open, fans on. Today while we were getting ready to go run our errands I put Lacey in the most adorable shorts she looks at me and says "I can't wear shorts, I didn't shave." I almost died laughing!! A few days ago I told Brandon I couldn't wear shorts because I hadn't shaved in days. They pick up EVERYTHING!

Yard work is getting done this week!! We moved into my grandparents house last year the end of May. My grandparents had TONS of stuff. My grandpa was a carpenter and has every tool known to man, my grandma was a hoarder. My grandpa is in a nursing home and my grandma lives with my parents. Well when we moved in we still had (have) some of my grandparents stuff. This includes 2 sheds in t he backyard, and an entire room full downstairs, plus stuff still in the attic. My parents are on spring break this week so my dad is coming over and we are finally going through the sheds!! We will finally be able to clean up our yard.

I love a huge, well manicured, well landscaped yard. I love being able to have the kids play and know that there is nothing that they can get hurt on. Even though with my 2 there is always something to get hurt on.

I have been doing lots of couponing...scoring some pretty sweet deals!! However I did have the worst experience at Wal-Mart over the weekend. I think I will just stay away from there. I can get better deals, and customer service at Dillons and Target!!


  1. Lacey is too cute...if it gets too bad you can always give her shaving cream and a popsicle stick ;)

  2. Lacey is so funny!!! Good idea liz!!

  3. Liz that is a great idea!! I just may have to do that.