Sunday, November 28, 2010

Goodbye 180's hello 170's!!

In 2 weeks I went from 187 to 177. That is 10lbs in 2 weeks!! That was after Thanksgiving dinner.

Brandon also went from 266 to 256. 10lbs for him too.

It is getting easier and easier to watch what we are eating.

Thanksgiving was busy, but we had a great time. We got a lot of shopping done, in fact it is almost all done. Except for my mom and my sisters. Their gifts won't be available until the 4th. We have my in-laws to shop for, and Lacey's Santa Claus present. We bought it on Friday and then put it in the car and realized there was no way for us to get it back to JC without Lacey seeing it so we returned it. Brandon and I got 3 dates!! It was so nice. We went on a lunch date 1st, we went to Subway where we could have a healthy lunch. After lunch we went to Target and did some Christmas shopping. We got Miles' Santa Claus present, and some other stuff. Our 2nd date started on Friday morning at 4am. The kids were still sleeping and my mother in law stayed with them. We hit up Target 1st got tons of stuff and at great prices too!! We went over to Kohl's and got me a pair of black boots, and my mom's Christmas present. Over to Best Buy and got 2 SD cards for Brandon's step mom and Dad's Christmas gifts. We hit up Sears and got Miles some clothes and a winter snow suit. We went back to Target and returned Lacey's Santa 8am we were exhausted and went back to Brandon's folks house. Friday evening Brandon's folks took us to Outback while Brandon's cousin Sarah came over and watched the kids.

We left KC around noon yesterday, got home and started cleaning up. Laundry laundry and you guessed it more laundry. The Christmas tree is up and hopefully some time today we can finish decorating. We are also getting family pictures taken today. I can't wait!!

Brandon's Christmas present is off getting framed!! It looks AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Liz!!

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  1. I'm so excited about it too! The prints came out beautifully & I can't wait to get you the finished product!