Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 1 Year

Happy 1st Anniversary to my Hubby. I must say I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man. My daughter and son are both so blessed to have him as their daddy.

We had a great 1st wedding anniversary. My little sister's boyfriend came over and watched the kiddos so we could have an evening out without the kids. We went to Manhattan and our 1st stop was Target. We picked up Toy Story 3 for Lacey for Christmas for $5.99. It is $15.99 but we had a $1o gift card we got for buying 2 packs of diapers. We also bought TONS of Halloween stuff all 75% off. Some decorations for outside, some decorations for inside, and some coffee (we had a coupon). Our grand total was $39 and some change after the gift card.

Next we were off to dinner at Olive Garden. I got a glass of some yummy yummy wine and


  1. What kind of hints did you give him?

  2. I told him it is something he has had since the day he was born, something that we all can enjoy, something that our company that comes over can enjoy. He is so confused and lost. Ohh and that if everyone enjoys it I will probably have to buy a few more next year...haha