Sunday, May 6, 2012

Warrior Dash

Yesterday was the Warrior Dash.  It was the most fun I've ever had while running!!  The obstacles were fun, the company was more fun!! 

Brandon and I met Jo and Jamie at a fun little shopping center at 11:45.  We got there early and lucky for me there was a Famous Footwear I could go to, to buy a pair of socks because I didn't bring any socks.  Jo and Jamie got there a little late.  We parked at the airport and were shuttled by buses to the Warrior Dash site.  We took a few pictures on the bus to hopefully calm of nerves of being late....our wave started at 1, we didn't get to the Warrior Dash site until 1:05.  We picked up our packets and the lady said it was fine and that we could start with the next wave.  THANK GOODNESS!!

(Some of these may be out of order as I can't really remember which order they came in)   

At 1:30 we lined up and started.  It was hot, super hot, good thing it wasn't longer then a 5k!!  You ran the first half mile up a hill.  When we got to the first obstacle that was Army Crawling underneath barbed wire.  The girls and I went through that fairly quickly.  The only thing that stunk was that you had to wait for people to go before you start.  A foot to the face only happened once or twice. 

We get through that and start running to the next obstacle....I believe it was the tight rope over muddy water.  There was only allowed 3 people on each rope at a time.  I knew that I could possibly not get my entire upper torso wet with my balancing skills.  However, the other people get on and pull in all directions so I held on to the rope and swam across. 

When all 3 of us had made it out we walked a little bit as the ground was muddy.  We didn't want to risk hurting ourselves.  Once the ground had dried a little we picked up our running to our third obstacle which had me nervous.  It was a tunnel that you had to crawl through.  Mud on either side and planks on top.  HELLO CLAUSTROPHOBIA!!   I don't think I've ever moved so fast in my entire life.  I wanted to be done!! 

We made it to the fourth obstacle which I believe was the "rock wall."  It was basically a vertical wall that had places to put your hands and feet.  Once you got to the top and to the other side you had to slide down a fire pole.  It was SCARY!!

The fifth obstacle was the Capsized Catamaran.  You get into some muddy water and sludge your way to the Catamaran.  You have to push yourself to the top and either A) jump back into the water and swim to the other side and pull yourself back up over the other side or B) Balance your way across one of the sides and then jump off at the end.  I went with the latter, knowing I have good balance.  I made it across and almost lost my shoe in the mud. 

We walked until we could run to obstacle number 6 The Clifhanger.  It's a wall you have to scale with the help of a rope, once you get to the top you have to climb down on some planks.  This obstacle was one I wanted to hurdle.  I have no upper body strength so using a rope to climb a wall; I WANTED TO DO IT!!  Once I started I was beaming with pride!!  I am stronger then I think. 

The seventh obstacle was the tangled nets.  It's like a spiderweb you have to crawl across.  Sounds easy right?  Well it was until you get 43,566,433 on them with you. 

The eighth obstacle was the Barricade Breakdown.  Basically you have to jump over a wall, climb under a wall with barbed wire on top, not just once but several times.  When you get to the middle it gets a bit higher, and a bit lower.  Jump high, crawl low; once again proving my upper body strength.

Number nine the Teeter Totters.  Run up one inclined plank, walk across planks, run down a plank.  Not to difficult, but with muddy, wet made for a sight!

10 The tire pit.  All I kept saying was "HIGH KNEES!  Get those knees higher!"  We BEASTED through the tires!  

THE GREAT WARRIOR WALL!!  A straight vertical wall that you have to scale and climb down the back side.  Another obstacle where upper body strength was put to the test.

#12 the Cargo climb.  Climb up a cargo net, and climb down the other side.

The 13th was jumping over fire.  I was so worried about catching on fire.  I tried to jump as high as I possibly could so I wouldn't!!

The last obstacle was swimming through mud under barbed wire.  It definitely made for some great finish pictures!!

All nice and clean before

All muddy after


Finally we rinsed off
All in all it was great fun!!  Something I would do again in a heartbeat!!  I overcome fears, pushed myself, and got to spend time with 2 of my dear friends!!     

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