Friday, October 8, 2010


Lacey is talking A LOT, my friend says she speaks Russian/Spanish at the same time. It does sound like gibberish at times. She says the funniest things.

On Sunday we had gone out to my parents for breakfast. My aunt and uncle were in town from Florida for my aunts high school reunion. We had gone into the guest room and were talking to my aunt while she got dressed. My uncle comes into the room after his shower wearing a towel and he says "Get out, unless you wanna see something awesome." My older sister says "I'm sure it's not as awesome as you think." Lacey turns around and says "Is it a tree frog?" I about died laughing!! The things she comes up.

I had gone out to my parents today to help my mom get ready for a get together at her house. Lacey asked my mom if she could stay the night and my mom said not tonight, we are having an adult only party. Lacey thinks for a little bit comes back into the kitchen and says "Grammy I can sleep during the adult party." My mom just laughed and promised that tomorrow night Lacey could spend the night with Grammy and papa.

Tonight we watched Marmaduke and I had made some popcorn Lacey brings me her bowl and says "It's not right you didn't put M&M's in it. I don't want it." Turns around walks back to the floor, looks at me and says "Are you going to put some in there?" I told her we didn't have M&M's and she said "We can go to the store and buy some."

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