Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Time

I am so excited that Halloween is finally here. Well not here completely but Halloween Parties at Lacey's school, making fun treats, making her costume, and carving pumpkins!!! I love carving pumpkins.

Today Lacey had a school party at the preschool at high school. We didn't make anything fun, but she got to wear her costume and they had a parade around the high school.

Here is Lacey in Scarecrow Costume

Our monster fingers!! They are pretty tasty!!!

My mom gave us the recipe for Monster Fingers so we decided to make them. They are super easy to make and Lacey enjoyed helping us make fingers. Lacey and I are going to try to make them again tomorrow.

Lacey making Lollipop Ghosts

Growing up every Halloween we made Lollipop ghosts. So we decided to make them with Lacey. She got to pick out the flavor of lollipop, and make the eyes and the mouth.
K for either my 1st name or our last name

I stole this idea from my friend Liz!! She posted a picture in her blog of her pumpkin that she carved. So I had Brandon draw a K on my pumpkin and I carved it!! Thanks Liz for the great idea!!! All of our pumpkins

Brandon's is on the left, Lacey's on the right and mine in front. I helped Lacey carve her pumpkin. She just told me what to do!!!

And finally me with the kiddos!!!

We had a great evening!! I love being able to do fun projects with them. I wish I had more time to be artsy and crafty. I think I am going to start a craft night once a month!!


  1. Cute "K" Katie! Lacey's costume is adorable! :D

  2. Thanks Liz!! Her costume was super easy to make!! Thank goodness for Goodwill and the flannel shirt!!