Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy week

This week is super busy!!

Monday was a boring day because it rained all day. The kids and I lounged around all day and did nothing. I did do some laundry and balance the check book.

Tuesday was Brandon's day off and my day to work a few hours. Brandon took Lacey to school while I got ready for work. While I was at work Brandon took the kids shopping. I had laid out all the coupons and wrote a list of everything we had coupons for and what stores had the best price. A little advice from a good friend!!! Brandon decided that he didn't want me to have to do it so he did it. We saved more than we spent!! He spent $20 and saved $22!! Got to love Dillons for doing double coupons!! After I got off work I came home and took a nap with the kids. Then packed for a trip to KC to see the dentist.

Today (Wednesday) I had a dentist appt with Brandon's Uncle at 10. My mother in law got to keep the kids. Brandon had a meeting in McPherson that he had to attend. After my dentist appt I hung out with my mother in law and our nephews. We headed home around 3. Once we got home Brandon followed shortly behind, we decided to head to Manhattan for a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, dinner out, and Target!! I got all the stuff to make the kids costumes, so hopefully this weekend I can get them made! At Target we spent way to much money, but with our coupons I didn't feel so guilty. There was only 1 thing in our cart that we didn't have a coupon for and that was for Lacey's Halloween shirt she begged us for. We saved $40 alone with coupons!!

Thursday Lacey has school, and right after school we are heading to Great Bend to see my Grandma and spend time with my aunt while my grandma goes to the Notre Dame Western Michigan game! It is on her bucket list and my Uncle's are taking her! My mom will come up Thursday evening.

Friday my mom and I will be taking the kids to the zoo that is in Great Bend, and probably just do some hanging out. The kids and I will return to JC.

Saturday Brandon and I were invited on a date, to a convention that they have here in JC, called Junction Function. Brandon's boss let him have the evening off, so we will be going!! I am so stoked!! My little sister and her Boyfriend will be watching the kids for us. I am so excited for a night away with my hubby, and being able to go out and have a great night!!

Sunday RELAX!!! Hopefully I will be able to update with pictures!!

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