Thursday, September 2, 2010


It finally rained today!! It cooled down to about 60*. I turned off the air! LOVE IT!!

Lacey is enjoying school more and more!! She tells me all the time about stuff they do in class. I am so thankful that we were able to get her into a class. She is so cute. She told me today "Mommy, you are bootiful. I wanna be a witsh (witch) for Oween. " (Halloween) It was all in the same sentence. She also told me "OHHH Mommy, thank you for buying my favorite prezels!! You are so nice to me."

Miles fell off our bed today. I am sure Lacey had some help in getting him off the bed. But she says she didn't....I was putting away laundry and had my back turned for probably 3 seconds. I picked him up and within a couple of seconds he had stopped crying. I checked him over and all he has a goose egg on his forehead. We then came out into the living room to play on the floor. Lacey was sitting in front of Miles, Miles was sitting in front of the coffee table, and I was sitting on the left of both of them. I was talking to my grandma and Lacey pushed Miles into the coffee table. He hit the back of his head and started screaming. I think the boy needs a helmet....LOL

In good news Brandon got the pay raise!! YAHOO!! It isn't a lot but it is something!!

On Monday I get up to do my morning walk with Neva, something I had missed all last week because of a stupid cold!! I started with my light jog, it is 6am I am 2 houses down from ours when I trip and fall and skin my knee and elbow. I got up and looked around to make sure no one saw me. Took off walking toward Neva. There is no way that I am going to let a skinned up knee and elbow keep me from walking. We did our normal walk, walk to Webster, up Chestnut, over to Eisenhower, and down Eisenhower back to my house for morning coffee!! I am sad this is the only day we have walked this week. Tuesday's and Thursday's are hard days to walk, with having to get Lacey up at 6:30am for school. Hopefully since the weather is cooling down, Neva and I will be able to walk while Lacey is in school.

As many of you know I watch my Grandma Cooke during the week. I think my mom and I have come up with a good schedule. Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's I watch her from 7:30-12:30 take her to the nursing home so she can spend time with my grandpa, then my mom will pick her up at around 4:30 from there. Tuesday's and Thursday's my mom will take Grandma to the nursing home in the mornings and when Lacey is done with school we will go get her. This saves me the hassle of getting the kids out of the car a billion times in one day and also allows them to take their afternoon naps around 1. Plus it saves my parents roughly $120 a month on feeding my grandma at the nursing home.

Tomorrow is Bluejay football!! I have waited all year for Bluejay football!!

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