Monday, September 6, 2010


On Friday my mom and I went to Screen Machine Sports to get new shirts for the football game. I worked there my Senior year in high school, so I was talking to Mary and jokingly asked "Are you hiring? I just need to get out of the house for a couple hours a week." Mary replied with "Actually we are looking for someone to come in twice a week for a couple hours both days!! We just need someone to clean up and stock the floor." HECK YES!! PERFECT!! So I go in tomorrow to fill out paperwork and get started!! I can basically work whenever is convenient for me. I am so happy, a little extra cash, and being able to get out of the house its a win win for everyone.

I got Lacey enrolled at the high school's Early Childhood program. She will go twice a week Monday's and Wednesday's from 9:30-10:30. Her and Aven will be going together. I am hoping I can get her enrolled in dance or tumbling classes. Hopefully it isn't too late!!

It has been a pretty relaxed weekend, Bethany and Adam had Lacey Friday night. I got her back Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening she was ready to go back, so Bethany came and picked her up. I got her yesterday evening and we went out to my parents for dinner!! Today Brandon had to be to work at 6 and should be off here shortly. But today has been one of those days, Lacey refused to nap and didn't want Miles to nap, so now I have two cranky kids. OH WHAT A DAY!!Miles hanging out with Mommy on Saturday cheering on the cats!! I took one of him with his KU gear on but they lost....


  1. Thats awesome about the job! Sounds like what happened to me haha!

  2. Good news Katie!!! I hope you have fun with it!

  3. Your little ones are growing so fast!