Monday, August 20, 2012

Lost in my own little world

I know I know....It's been 525,600 minutes since I last posted.  But I've been busy.  Like busy busy.  Running crazy amounts, working, vacationing, a baby starting Kindergarten.  I have excuses okay!!  And they are good excuses. 

I will start with the 200 mile relay that was the best fun of my ENTIRE life.  I got to not sleep for over 24 hours because I wanted to, not because a baby kept me up.  (Okay actually I did get some sleep in that 24 hours, but it wasn't a good sleep.  I got to bond with friends.  Yes we were friends before but being crammed in a car and have to follow them and cheer them on you really bond!!  I realized that I'm a lot stronger then I give myself credit for.  I ran 5.4 miles up a mountain where I gained 1200 ft.  Yup I did it!!  In the end we finished in 28:16 minutes 1st place in our non competitive division!! 
Our crazy amazing team from left to right front to back
Katelin, Kim, Cleo, Myself
Stacey(my dad), Tom, Richard, Randy, Blake, Talon

Next Lacey started Kindergarten this morning.  There were tears in my eyes and I lined her up and kissed her goodbye.  I can't believe MY baby is already a Kindergartener.  Where oh where has time gone?

After I dropped her off I did something I thought was impossible.  I ran 15 myself.  It felt so good.  Since Brandon was working I parked my car at work and ran 7.5 miles out on Old 40 and back in.  I let my boss know that I was planning on doing this.  I let him know for 1 so if something were to happen someone would know where I was, and 2 because he is a runner and if I couldn't do it he would be able to come get me.  I sent him a text at 11 miles letting him know that my hips were killing me, he asked if I wanted to a pick up...I responded with NO just tell me I can do it.  He told me I could do it and I did!!  Just having the support of EVERYONE I knew that I could do it.  Sometimes you just need to hear from someone else that you can! 

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  1. I am so proud of you!
    I can't imagine Bitsy's first day of school.
    I still have a few years, but I'm sure it will all fly by so fast!
    Any tips for getting through it...besides going to run 15 miles?
    You are definitely stronger than me there....running is not my forte!
    Good job though and big hugs.