Monday, April 9, 2012

I am clincally insane

As if running a race every month, a half marathon, or a full marathon wasn't enough, I registered for a 200 mile relay for my August race.

It is a group of 12 people and we all run 2 or 3 legs of a 200 mile relay race.  It takes place the first weekend in August in Colorado.  We run from Steamboat to Ft. Collins.  I am so excited!!  My dad is also running with it with me, along with Cleo, Kim, Kelle, and hopefully Jo.  We are hoping that my Mother In Law will be able to watch the kids so Brandon and my mom can come along as well.  Wild West Relay is the name of the race. 

I have a doctors appointment today.  I've been feeling very sluggish lately.  My last run was last week Tuesday.  I tried doing some treadmill running on Saturday and after mile one I had to stop.  I feel like I have no energy whatsoever.  Just doing daily chores wears me out.  I think it might be a protein, or iron deficiency.

Easter was yesterday and I could have had meat, but it doesn't even look appetizing.

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter!! 


  1. Wow Lady!
    You are a beast lately.
    I hope the doctors can figure out why you are feeling sluggish....maybe you just needed a few rest days!
    Big Hugs!!