Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Here's to you

In 2013 my blog went on a long Hiatus.  It was a busy year.  A year that I enjoyed.  There are things that went wrong and things that went right.  I am trying to be positive and say that 2013 was a good year!  2014 is going to be a great year!! 

Instead of a resolution this year I am doing a Goal year....Goals that aren't unreachable.  Family goals, life goals, financial goals, running goals, workout goals and for the first time in God Knows how long there is NOT a weight loss goal. 

I have decided to make 2014 a "To Be" year
To be more active
To be more affectionate
To be a better listener
To be a better mother
To be a better wife
To be a better friend
To be closer to God
To be more financially responsible
To be whatever I want to be
To be more loving
To be less judgmental
To be a morning person
To be more POSITIVE

Today I ran 4 miles at the gym on the Treadmill and dreaded every single second.  Then I looked around me and saw people just starting out their fitness journey and they pushed me a little farther.  I couldn't help but be happy because they are choosing to change their lives.  I wanted to go up to each and everyone and give them a hug. 

I know that these goals may seem silly.  It is really going to change my personality.  I have debated about deleting my Facebook page, but in all reality I LOVE seeing my friends near and far.  I love seeing their beautiful families, the lives that they are building. 

So with that Here is to you, here is to me, here is to us to just BE!! 

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